SERT Guarantees

Our goal is to develop a long term partnership with you, adding first class customer service as we work towards to making sure you are 100% satisfied with the experience during the recovery and return of your data.

We understand you are putting a level of trust in us that we know what we are doing, we are professional and discreet, and that we will respect your privacy and property.

3 points to remember when choosing SERT :

  1. We only make money when we return data back to you.
  2. We can survive only by repetitively satisfying our clients.
  3. We understand word of mouth is the best advertising!

What you can expect:

  • You will get the most effective affordable solution and outcome possible for recovering your data.
  • You will get the data your were expecting to get or you will not pay the recovery fee. (this does not apply if you send the wrong drive!)
  • We will go above and beyond and put forth every effort on your case whether the data was recoverable or not.
  • You will be treated with respect and not spoken to as if you are supposed to understand the industry jargon.
  • Our prices are highly competitive and possibly under-priced for the quality of our services and level of technical expertise.
  • We treat your data as if it were our own data where our business depended on it.
  • What ever portion of your data is recoverable at the time we receive the storage media, we will be able to get 100% of that portion for you.
  • We will preserve as much of the recoverable data as could ever be possible no matter what company you might have chosen.
  • You will receive a true and accurate diagnosis of your recovery and storage media with a money back guarantee on every case we receive.
  • We will always be available via telephone, email, and live chat to communicate with you during the whole process.
  • We will support our recoveries for up to 14 days after we successfully return your data to you.