Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB Head Swap Recovery

Dj Joey Valence came to us with a crashed Toshiba 3.5″ DT01ACA100 1TB hard drive that had been sent to another data recovery firm. They diagnosed the drive as needing a clean room recovery.

Joey and company decided not to continue with the data recovery company they originally sent the drive to. All of his music production files were on this drive, years of hard work!

The drive was initially reported as “not booting“. As we know this can be caused by many reasons, including a hardware failure.

Our engineers determined it did in fact need a head swap. We cleaned the drive’s platters with our proprietary solution, and prepped the drive for a head swap.

We found a good matching donor set for the parts. After the head swap process the drive initialized and we were able to recover 100% of the data!

Joey Valence, we wish you much success! When you go BIG don’t forget about the little guys!

You can check him out here:

Joey Valence Instagram

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