External & Internal Hard Drive Not Being Detected or Showing Up: How To Diagnose

Is your computer not recognizing or detecting your hard drive? Is your computer or your external hard drive the reason it’s not showing up anymore? Having hard drive problems and not sure what to do next?

Internal or external WD hard drive not recognized? Here  you will find an explanation of many of the error messages you might get after you plugged in your USB My Passport or My Book – Western Digital external hard drive.

hard drive not showing up in computer

SERT will help you understand the difference, and similarities, between common errors, messages, and symptoms of an unrecognized hard drive:

  • hard drive not spinning
  • usb external hard drive not showing up
  • external hard disk not detected
  • hard drive not showing up in bios
  • hard drive not in disk management

Perhaps you might have experienced one of these errors on your computer when you plugged in your external hard drive.

If the data is important it is highly recommended to contact a certified data recovery company before your drive’s condition gets worse, cost you more money for hard drive recovery, and potentially reaches the unrecoverable stage

What steps to take with an external hard drive not recognized or detected

This is mostly a common error that you’re going to receive during the normal function of plugging in an extra hard drive to your computer, or laptop, from within the operating system. This applies to both Apple and Windows operating platforms.

This error message is produced by one of the interface ports whether USB, firewire, thunderbolt, etc, and means: your computer has detected something is plugged in, but cannot recognize any details about the device. This is one of the most common errors, because 90% of data recovery of external drives will produce this same error, as long as the drive can receive power.

cant read files from external hard drive

Many hard drive malfunctions can produce this error, so it can be next to impossible to properly diagnose it at this point. Failed or failing heads, too many bad sectors, media(platter) damage, file system corruption, faulty mechanical or electrical parts could all be the culprit.

What you do next can be a determining factor in whether your data is ever going to be successfully recovered.

WD external drive not recognized is a common symptom we hear when providing data recovery quotes. Western Digital is notorious for having these kinds of issues. Most of the time the drive requires advanced equipment to get past the error, and be able to see the drive and data.

HOWEVER the data is normally retrievable!

PC not recognizing hdd errorcan't detect hd

Sometimes it requires the drive’s firmware to be temporarily repaired, to get access to the data even though the drive can be seen. There is only one piece of equipment on the planet that can do this, and it’s very expensive.

Basically when my external hard drive wont show up, it may even start to spin up, and then possibly appear to load a driver, but then it fails.

hard-disk-problemThe drive still spins and the light blinks. Other types of symptoms and sounds you may experience: clicking, beeping, scraping, knocking, whirring, grinding.

Also in device manager/computer management/disk manager it may have an error saying:

  • The disk you inserted is not readable by this computer
  • The volume does not contain a recognized file system
  • Unknown device
  • You need to format the disk in drive H: before you can use it
  • Unallocated
  • USB device not recognized
  • One of the USB devices attached this computer has malfunctioned
  • The last USB device connected to the computer malfunctioned
  • Windows does not recognize it
  • No media

This is quite different than other types of hard drive problems. An example is when the hard drive is not being detected, or found, by the operating system during boot up.

hard drive not spinning

Hard drive problems like hard drive not found, internal hard disk drive not found, when your computer won’t detect the hard drive

What do you do when you get the dreaded “no hard drive detected” error? You computer produces an alert that the hdd not recognized, now what? An internal hard disk drive not found can basically ruin your day.cant see hard drive

When you boot up your computer and it can’t find the hard drive, that means it has FAILED. Sometimes it will also say cannot find the operating system, select another disk in the computer. This is a classic case of hard disk drive failure.

pc not showing my hd

When you have an internal hard disk or other type of SCSI, SAS SATA hard drive not detected in the BIOS means there is a serious issue with the hard drive. The drive must be diagnosed to determine the cause behind the failure to detect.

read error

It could be a cable, or it could be a head crash (when the heads actually make contact with the platters). Most of the time when the hard  drive wont show up, it is hard drive related, and NOT the computer or a cable.

What causes a hard disk not detected or bios not detecting hard drive type of error?

The answer can be a multitude of reasons. This is why it is absolutely vital to choose a data recovery company that has the right equipment, and expertise, to determine the reason for hd failure.

hard drive malfunction

This single most important step, one that many computer and IT professionals overlook, can be the determining factor in recovering your files in this situation.

Special equipment, that is very expensive and requires a highly skilled technician to operate it effectively, is required in most of these types of data recovery cases.

Common causes are:

  • Too many bad sectors
  • Failing or failed heads
  • Corrupted firmware modules in the Service Area
  • Failed electronics
  • Failed motor
  • Mechanical failure
  • Media(platter) damage
  • Corrupt operating system (usually caused by one of the above)
  • Bad cable
  • Failed USB port
  • Dropped drives

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