Mac Hard Drive Recovery

Data recovery from Mac drives is not really any different than from any other drive. The same technology and process is used in recovering your files from Apple computers, as any other manufacturer.

However, you will want to make sure that whatever company you count on knows what they are doing.

Expert diagnostics on all Apple cases

Properly diagnosing your drive’s condition is the most important part of recovering files from MAC hard drives and SSDs. Preservation of the condition your storage media is in, when we receive it, is first priority.  Knowing how not to make a situation worse is important in data recovery.

You don’t have to worry about voiding the warranty on your drive either, we open all drives in a CLASS 100 clean room environment. Clients from all over the world count on SERT for MAC file recovery services to safely recover their documents, photos, music, or videos, and otherwise valuable and irreplaceable files.

It’s easy to get your case started with SERT, simply  click the Free Online Quote link at the top of this page, and your drive will get to us as safe as if you hand delivered it yourself. Our clients have caused us to become one of the leading data recovery companies in the US because they appreciate transparency and honesty.

Apple Data Recovery Just Got Easier

SERT has top rated customer service and the lowest prices in the United States for Mac OS recovery. Our recovery lab is right on premise, this means the whole recovery process is done right here at our facility.

Our no data no pay policy says: If your data is unrecoverable you don’t pay recovery fees.

Common Mac Data Recovery:

  • Macbook Pro: Crashed 
  • Macbook: No Power 
  • Macbook Air: Dropped 
  • iMac: Flashing Folder 
  • Mac Mini: Question Mark 
  • Time Machine (all sizes)

We can recover data from Mac Air SSD. Over the years we’ve recovered crucial data from OS X installations for many designers, researchers, musicians, photographers and students.

We boast the most competitive MAC file recovery prices while serving our client’s demands for speed, quality of service, and security.

Professional iMac and Macbook Recovery Services

Our  engineers are available to speak to you and give you a free phone consultation. You can also take advantage of our expedited evaluation services to determine what is required to recover your files.

For urgent OS X recovery services, we are here to help you 7 days a week. We understand your data is important. SERT is the affordable alternative when your important data is missing.

Our job is to get you up and running within the shortest time possible. Contact us anytime or send us an online quote request and get an answer within hours.

HFS to HFS+ Mac File Recovery and System Transfer

HFS+ is the main file system of all current Mac OS X systems. If you’re still using the earlier and aging HFS system and you really want to transition to HFS+, look no further for we are here to help you.

Should you encounter an issue with your Apple hard drive and your files become inaccessible, our recovery engineers are highly experienced in recovering HFS+ system partitions in OS X.

Even though there are various software applications claiming to do file recovery for Macs, recovering from a failing drive requires a skill-set and manual attention from a trained engineer.

Apple Recovery Service That Supersedes the Obvious

You will benefit from SERT’s many years of experience with difficult recoveries  to meet all your iMAC and Macbook data recovery needs. Utilizing tools and technical skills developed over the last couple of years confirms a higher possibility of a successful recovery of all your crucial files, photos and documents.

We are available 365 days a year you can contact SERT, the service of choice and know that you are entrusting the best of the best data recovery experts with the job.

No Need to go to Apple for Recovery

You can take a few steps to find out how the machine is performing, and ensure that the hardware is indeed working properly. One test is to check the SMART status of your hard drive. Simply open Disk Utility and select your drive. At the bottom you’ll see SMART status everything is OK if this reads “Verified”. Your drive has a problem if you see “Failing” message.

You can also do an Apple Hardware Test (AHT) to check the memory and logic status of your drive. This is an automated process that will go through and check the different components of your Mac to ensure they are working properly. Hold down a key combination on your MAC during start up.

The key combination varies between different systems; consult your device’s manual. After the test is complete you’ll be notified of any errors that occur. You can also tell there’s a problem with your Mac if it is no longer booting up and on start-up displays a flashing question mark.

Great Service and Turn-Around Time

Our typical turn-around time for MAC data recovery is 3 to 7 business days. In 98% of the cases, we are able to recover all the data from your drive.

Please call to get a quote and free consultation, or fill out an online quote request. Send in or drop off your damaged drive in our service center. Contact us for a wide variety of MAC data recovery solutions in Florida.