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Get Back To Class With SERT!

When your projects, plans, assignments, documents, papers, calendar, and the rest of your life stored on a your hard drive or Flash drive are gone, you don't have to stress or worry any more!

Each month SERT helps teachers and students recover their files and get back to their school work quickly for a discount!

We know it can be hard to focus as is, with all the pressure school can bring, so we know how important it is that you get your files back quickly. We give our teachers and students high priority when it comes to getting their files back.

Filling out the form is the first step. We will respond quickly and make sure you can rest at night knowing you're best effort is matched with ours.

Fastest Turn Around

SERT has the fastest turn around in the industry when it comes to data recovery services. We can take a look at your drive within 24 hours and give you an update about your data!

When your Flash drive has a broken stem we can usually get it back in the mail to you the next day!

Broken Flash Drives

Plug your flash drive in and your not able to get to your files? SERT Flash drive recovery service will save you!

SERT engineers specialize in getting files back from USB Flash drives and camera cards that aren't working properly any more.

10% Discounts

Whether you are a student or a teacher, we understand the financial stress that comes with the territory.

We provide a 10% discount on the recovery fee. Parts, shipping, and any additional fees are not applicable to the discount.

USB Hard Drives

When the files on your portable hard drive are lost or inaccessible, SERT external hard drive recovery service helps you get them back safe and sound.

SERT has the expertise and the equipment to get your files back from the worst hard drive failures.

SERT Data Recovery Video

An example of a chip off Flash drive recovery, and how it works. This is required when there is more damage to the flash drive than just a broken stem. Students get a discount on these services as well.

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SERT's Recovery Services


SERT Data Recovery specializes in all facets of data recovery including clean room recovery, RAID data recovery, SSD recovery, Mac recovery, and NAS recovery.

We pay for shipping and give free evaluations on standard recovery cases where recovery has not been previously attempted.