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Trusted by Government, Fortune 500 Companies,
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SERT has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours into becoming a company you can trust, who has the capability to recover your data in the worst situations. The talent, education, proper environment, and tools (hardware and software) required to solve data recovery cases is demanding on resources.

We continue to invest in training and new technology to make sure SERT is a brand you can count on, and trust enough to share with your friends and family.

Working with equipment from the world’s leading engineers of data recovery products like DeepSpar and Ace Laboratory helps us stay ahead of the technology curve. It also helps us safely, and effectively recover your data!

1000’s of recovery cases have been successfully solved for officers of the local Police and Sheriff’s Department, agents of the DEA,  local government offices, non for profit agencies, local SMBs, and large corporations, and end users!

Through tremendous success in recovering data for local clients, the decision to grow and expand services to anyone in the US and surrounding areas was an inevitable one. Now, you can have 5 star data recovery service without paying the exorbitant prices a large corporate recovery center has to charge.

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Love People

Loving what you do is most the important in life. We love helping people recover the files that represent the investment (time and/or money) they’ve made into their lives.

The customer not the dollar

We’ve always felt recovering your data is the most important thing for us. We treat your data as if it were our own, and stand behind our work 100%. This is why we have a No Data No Pay policy.

Have Integrity

We will always do what’s right for you. We will always try to explain things so you understand them instead of intentionally trying to confuse you. Our prices are flat and don’t change, unless the information we were provided is not accurate.

Be Positive & Optimistic

Our client’s call us in the worst situations, and the worst moods. We always try to keep an optimistic outlook on your recovery. We see everything as a chance until our engineers have determined the case is not recoverable. We never go on other evaluations – no matter what.

Deliver Customer Service

Our clients are our number one priority. Your feedback helps us know where we can improve and where we are doing exactly the right thing. We are here to answer your questions, and you are in control the whole way through.

Be Ready

We are ready for any job. We can handle up to 36 drive SANs utilizing SAS or SATA drives. Any job you need a price for, please fill out our form an you will get an instant quote and option for a shipping label.

Free Evaluation

When the storage device has not been worked on and it qualifies for our basic level recovery, we never charge an evaluation fee. If the device has been worked on or looked at by another company or yourself before we get it there will be an evaluation fee added to the recovery fee. Some evaluation fees are deducted from the recovery fee.

Low Price Guarantee

Most companies that are comparable to SERT have to charge 2-3 times what we charge because they have government contracts. They are not allowed to chargethe public less than the government. Enjoy flat rate recovery prices 40 -60% less than our competitors.

Fast Recovery Times

Our recoveries are usually recovered within the evaluation period. This ranges from 2-5 business days. However expedited evaluation is available.

14-Day Warranty

We store your data on our servers for 14 days after you receive the data back. Any issues we can always do the recovery over as well. Whatever we have to do to get all the data you were looking for.

Your Privacy

SERT is in the business of privacy. We have a standard NDA incorporated into our agreement each client enters with us. Your privacy is our main concern.


We have been doing data recovery for over 10 years and have all updated cutting edge technology to recover your data. Our engineers are top class and highly experienced.

SERT Data Recovery LLC is a Limited Liability Company based in Florida operating in the same building as South Florida’s #1 top rated IT and computer support company.

SERT was birthed out of rising demand for an up front, transparent, customer service driven, affordable data recovery service team in South Florida.

SERT team was formed and dedicated to recovering data on a level where few qualified companies exist. 99% of the computer and IT services in the United States do not have the appropriate tools, environment, and experience to perform recoveries on this level.

Please see our:
Dun & Bradstreet listing here
Florida’s Sunbiz corporation listing here

SERT understands the data loss challenges faced across the country. Through education and friendly customer service, our clients feel confident in sending their drive to a company that has their best interest at the fore front of every day business.

With high quality standards in place, state of the art recovery tools, clean room technology, and almost 20 years combined experience in IT and computer services, you can rest well knowing your data is in good hands.

Highly trained engineers assess emergency data recovery cases, and quickly retrieve lost files from many forms of media. This sets SERT apart locally, as well as nationally. Specializing in all forms of hard driveMacintoshFLASH, and RAID recovery procedures allows us to focus and excel in the area that will help you accomplish your goals of getting your data back.

Besides being a leader in data recovery services, being available to their clients is one of SERT’s most attractive qualities. When you call you will be able to speak with a knowledgeable case manager within 60 seconds. You won’t be stuck on hold for 20 minutes waiting to speak to someone who knows about your case.

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SERT Data Recovery believes in the simple truth that quality work produces growth and success.

Todd Trahan President SERT Data Recovery