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Every one want’s to know if their data can be recovered during a quick phone conversation.

We completely understand! But we also believe honesty is most important, when you are sending your drive to a company for help.

Our experts can only, honestly, give you an idea of what you might expect based on the symptoms you share.

Nothing concrete is possible without an engineer actually having the drive to evaluate. Most of the time the answer is impossible to know for sure, until the data is actually recovered.

Chances of recovery depend on multiple stages in the data recovery process.

The condition of your device during each stage ultimately affects the chances, and turn around time, your important files are recovered.

The first step is to have an experienced data recovery service inspect the drive visually, and audibly using specialized diagnostic equipment, and potentially a certified clean work area.

  • Second is to get a bit level image of the device.
  • The data recovery doesn’t actually start till this is accomplished.

No matter what company you choose, there are also factors that play a part in the success of your recovery BEFORE an engineer even receives your case.

Factors that affect the outcome:

  • Events leading up to the failure of the hard drive or storage media
  • Symptoms of the hard drive (ie. clicking, beeping, scraping, no power) ** Do not power the drive on to determine this!
  • History of previous evaluations and diagnostics
  • History of failed repair attempts
  • Condition of the platters
  • If the data has been overwritten

Try to avoid recovery DIY attempts by friends and tech departments.

Anything that has been done to the device after it’s failure will decrease the chances of any recovery attempts to follow.

Call today for a free – quick and friendly phone consultation or fill out our online quote request form to learn about how it works.

If your drive has a mechanical malfunction, there is no real way to determine the chances of recovery without a physical evaluation.