Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a List of Frequently Asked Questions About Data Recovery Services.

General Questions

I don't need (or want) my hard drive back so you don't have to repair it, just get my data for me, so why do you need parts?

The reason why you have a data loss situation is because there is something seriously wrong with your hard drive. The drive has to work in order for us to recover your data. Our engineers have to temporarily fix your drive so that it operates properly. Data recovery companies do not repair drives to send back, repairs are only for the purpose of data recovery. When parts are required for repairing the drive, SERT purchases them from outside vendors, and are they non refundable.

Can't you just take the platters out and put them in another drive?

Removing the platters and putting them in another drive is ONLY performed when there are issues related to motor, or spindle problems. This the most difficult, most expensive of all recovery types, and 98% of the time unnecessary.

Can SERT get my data back for me?

In the cases where the data was recoverable, we have a 100% success rate. This means that if it is humanly possible to recover your data, then we will get your data back for you. On the other hand, we are not magicians, if your data is not recoverable, we can not defy the principles of physics to get it back for you.

Mail in Repair Questions

Can I mail in any device for repair?

Yes you can. We even pay for RETURN 2 day FedEx shipping back from SERT from anywhere within the US.

What should I include when I am shipping my device to you?

We only need your storage device, do not include accessories, the original packaging, or the computer. If it is a DROBO os SYNOLOGY device we will need the device as well. You must include a copy of your privacy form filled out completely.

What if I am outside the US?

That’s not a problem at all. You are responsible for shipping fees both ways. We have clients send us recovery cases from all over the world!

What’s Makes SERT different?

Do you have a clean room environment to open a hard drive up in?

Yes we do. Our clean room maintains less than one hundred particles larger than 0.5 microns in a cubic foot of air space. Our HEPA filtering system is maintained regularly. And we have a certification to prove it..

How can I be sure my data is safe and secure when I send my drive in?

We regularly perform recoveries for law enforcement, government agencies, educators, doctors, lawyers, social workers, and just about anyone else that have privacy requirements relating to the data we are recovering on their hard drives. Our facility has controlled access, and a secure environment to make sure your data is safe, private, and confidential at all times.

How do I get my data back? Do you put it back on the same drive?

Typically you never want to trust (or use) the media that has the problem, ever again. We are able to return your data in a few different ways: you can provide an external recovery media (we ask that it is new and USB 3.0), you can purchase one from us, or we have secure FTP download for a fee as well. *We do not upload to third party cloud storage like DropBox, etc.

Evaluation Process

How long will it take to do the evaluation?

Typically we have an average 2 – 5 day evaluation period. We do have emergency services available that provide a 24 hour evaluation. The extent of the situation, and damage of the storage media, will ultimately determine how long the actual recovery time takes. Unlike many companies, we take all precautions in preserving your data as it is when we receive it. This includes imaging the drive, and this can take some time depending upon the drive’s condition and storage capacity. We will always communicate with you, and we are available for your questions 24/7 via email and telephone..

How will I know if the data is recoverable?

During the evaluation process most cases are solved. It is during this time we determine what is wrong with the drive, and determine the safest process in recovering it. Once we have the data recovered and we know it’s working we will contact you immediately in order to get the data back to you.

Do you do payments?

Yes we do. We have partnered with Affirm to make payments and qualification as easy as possible for our clients. Contact sales to inquire.

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