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We are a private, independent data recovery company based in Florida, and we specialize in professional data recovery and hard drive repair. In simple terms, we can recover data and retrieve files securely from any kind of failed storage media and hard drives whether it’s from your desktop, laptop, USB memory stick, RAID array, or external hard drive. We are familiar with working on all manufacturers and operating systems of computers including Apple Macbooks and the Macintosh line.

SERT Data Recovery was formed following the recognition of the lack of cutting edge data recovery and information services in this region. Our philosophy is pretty simple – unless there is substantial physical damage, no data loss is irrecoverable so long as proper tools, expertise and security measures are adopted.

We provide quality services with reasonable rates and we are happy to make is easy for you to ship your recovery case to us.

One of the Most Secure Data Recovery Companies in the US

Affordable Secure Data Recovery | Why Trust SERT Data Recovery

You have our strict assurance that we’ll handle your information with top-tier care and confidentiality. All processes of clean room device repair and eventual recovery of data are processed in-house, we do not pass any portion of our job to a third party – we have no need to do that no matter the complexity of the task.

We know that data recovery is a delicate business and only a handful of companies are suited to deal with it securely. Apart from sterile clean rooms, we have put in place stringent security protocols. These powerful measures alongside flexible services and an all-time peak success rate earn us thumbs-up from 98% of our customers.

Our high success rate is largely because we have our own R&D team and use advanced technology to restore data. We are adept at performing complicated data recovery – thanks to our competent team of highly trained engineers. For instance, we can retrieve data from damaged platters and other mechanically damaged devices.

What else makes us so popular among data recovery clients in this part of the world?

  • 100% confidentiality assured
  • Courteous and helpful staff
  • Highly trained technicians and engineers
  • Fastest turn-around time
  • Timely Solutions to Literary All Data Recovery Questions
totally secure recovery

We are very good at accommodating time-sensitive situations. SERT experts never rest until all your data is recovered, often completing a full restoration cycle within 1 to 2 days. Furthermore, our service center is open and easily accessible for those who would like to drop off media for repair rather than sending it via mail.

Being a premier secure data recovery company, we can provide free return shipping (this service is available online and offline). Upon completion of an evaluation we will be able to give you a complete diagnosis report, exact price and an estimate of the turn-around time to restore lost data. No further work is done until we get your approval.

Our Data Recovery Security Measures are Second To None

We utilize several layers of security not only to prevent further damage and loss of data on your device but to prevent unauthorized data access. Our labs are under 24 hour surveillance security to restrict human access to data to selected workers only. Besides that, once your data is retrieved, it is immediately assigned a special encryption code that can be utilized only once. Furthermore, all our technicians undergo thorough background checks, drug screening and training. These are just a couple of measures that we have taken to protect your confidentiality.

While most companies will have stringent measures for enhanced physical security, few can match our qualifications and experience. Aside from that our clean rooms are rated highly with very few particles per square area than a typical class 100 clean room. Note that even a single piece of dirt can further corrupt data. Therefore a sterile clean room in which to perform all retrieval operation is imperative.

In summary our security controls include:

  • Strict laboratory protocols
  • Physical access controls
  • Advanced network compatible with SSAE I6 standards
  • Encryption of all recovered data
  • Secure FTP option for returning restored data

SERT Data Recovery is deeply committed to these controls, which is why we have been ranked the most effective and most reliable data recovery firms in (kindly put name of city or location). Regardless of what time of the day or week you consult us, you are sure to get the same excellent care.

Who trusts us with Their Secure Data Recovery?

Affordable Secure Data Recovery | Why Trust SERT Data RecoveryRegardless of whether you’re a student, homeowner or a businessman we know how it feels to lose important data on your computer. As a result, we work day and night to make sure that we’re successful in recovering your data in a timely manner. Despite the typical frustration of losing data, our techs understand that you do not want to break the bank to have it recovered. As a result save many a client a lot of cash on their data recovery work.

We have packages flexible enough to accommodate big companies and multinational corporations. You can count on us to have all your crucial documents recovered for an inexpensive price. To make things even better, it does not take us long to get to the bottom of the issue.

This is our commitment to our beloved clients

When you need data recovery, security is a key priority. At SERT Data Recovery, we have built a long-standing reputation on our excellent security policies. We take every possible step to keep our client’s data confidential. Whether we’re treating a damaged USD flash disk or a large RAID array, we never compromise on security. Today, we can confidently confirm to you that we offer America’s most confidential data recovery services by using logical media handling procedures and impeccable technologies.

We store most recovered data in secure servers. When storing recovered information on externally accessible servers, we utilize a series of controls and encryptions to completely diminish any chance of unauthorized access. Plus we maintain our security systems to adapt to new threats and we pledge to always use the latest tools and techniques to protect your files all times.

When you trust SERT Data Recovery with your recoveries, you get nothing short of secure data recovery. That’s for sure. Give us a call today and see how we can help you.