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SERT has two levels of  data recovery service for hard drives. To help you understand the difference in pricing, we put together this page for your convenience.

Storage media (hard drives, Flash drive, camera cards, SSD’s, etc) failures come in many different sizes and shapes. Each require it’s own set of expertise, knowledge, technology, and proper equipment to recover your data.

Anyone ever tell you “your data is not recoverable”?

Having the right equipment usually determines the difference between a successful recovery, and a unsuccessful one. In many cases, without certain specialized data recovery equipment/technology, combined with the understanding of how to operate it, your data would never be recoverable. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you’re willing to pay.

You may be thinking to yourselfyour drive will not qualify for our basic level because it doesn’t work on any of the computers you tried, or even your IT or computer repair technician attempted and failed.

This is not necessarily true. One thing to understand, we are a specialized data recovery lab who has heavily invested specifically into equipment made solely for data recovery and forensics experts, to overcome common failures a hard drive.

Other companies specialize in the specific services those types of companies offer like virus removal, laptop and desktop repair, or network security and administration.

A good comparison is the difference between a general practitioner, an orthopedic surgeon, and a heart or brain surgeon.

SERT has has been relied on to recover data for organizations like: local and state police authorities, government and federal authorities,  medical organizations, health professionals, educational institutions, movie producers, best-selling authors, and the list goes on and on.

Two levels of hard drive recoveries

Basic level:

The basic level applies when we are able to connect your hard drive to our hardware level imager, it initializes properly, and returns it’s full ID. This also means we have full access to the sectors, the areas on the platter where your data is stored.

In general, and on our hardware level imager, there is an average amount of time a hard drive will take to create a bit level image of a hard drive.

For example, a 1 TB hard drive should take no longer than a day to make a full complete image, sector by sector. A hard drive qualifying for a basic level recovery should image in the expected time frame.

Advanced level:

This level applies when we connect your hard drive to our hardware level imager, and your drive will not initialize or ID properly, or we don’t have full access to all the sectors. Ultimately, this means we will have to manipulate/repair some part of the drive to recover any of your files.

This is often the case with clicking, beeping, drives that have suffered from impact, drives that have no power, drives that have been to another company, or drives that have had the top cover removed. Sometimes this is also the case even when a drive will properly initialize, and ID, but will not provide efficient access to the data.

What happens next, is your hard drive goes into que for our development department. Our experts will properly diagnose your drive using advanced data recovery equipment and techniques. Then they will apply the appropriate procedures necessary to temporarily repair/restore it to working condition, similar to before the failure.

This can include imaging the drive one head at a time, working around heavily damaged areas of the platters and bad sectors, repairing the filesystem, repairing corrupt firmware, changing read/write head stack assembly, swapping platters, working with the PCB, or a drive that has physically damaged areas on the platters.

If your hard drive qualifies for our advance recovery, and you choose not to move forward with your case, there maybe a $99 evaluation fee applied.