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This is a short video trailer of a recent data recovery from a hard drive involved in a car fire, brought to you by SERT’s hard drive data recovery service.

This client was travelling on I-95 when he was rear-ended by a dump truck. The gas tank was ruptured when this happened and the car caught on fire.


All the passengers in the vehicle escaped without harm, however our client’s laptop was in the burning trunk. As the fire crew arrived and began to contain the fire, our client’s important business documents and memories were in the trunk going up in flames.

Anyone would think that this computer and data were lost

Our client, who had done business with SERT previously, went to the car after a few days and recovered his laptop from the trunk. It was fused together with the trunk and needed to be cut out.

Once he retrieved his laptop, he paid us a visit. The laptop was brought to our West Palm Beach facility in a white plastic bag, and data recovery was requested.

Our engineers are always up to a challenge and we decided to document the whole procedure as this was an extraordinary case, and the condition of the laptop was extremely poor.

SERT engineers evaluated the drive once it was removed from the melted laptop. Part of the evaluation process involved cleaning the drive externally to observe how the outside of the drive was affected by the heat in order to determine what the environment of the inside of the drive might be.

After careful inspection, the drive was opened in SERT’s clean room and inspected internally. There was debris found in the parking ramp which indicated the drive needed to be cleaned internally.

SERT advanced data recovery services has it’s own proprietary process for cleaning platters and the inside of hard drives which not many companies can do. This process can often be the deciding factor in whether a case will be recoverable or a waste of time and money.burned-hard-drive-data-recovery

The drive was completely disassembled down to the platters and cleaned. Then it was reassembled and a head swap was performed utilizing the heads from another matching donor drive. After this process the drive was found to have corrupt firmware which was corrected by our engineer and advanced equipment specifically designed for this process.

The steps carried our by SERT engineers proved to be the solution to provide access to the data once again resulting in a 100% recovery for our client.

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