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SERT engineers are qualified to solve any data loss problem with your Iomega device, and it doesn’t matter what time you call, our national data recovery services are here for you 24/7!

We’ve proven ourselves time and time again, and can put our money where our mouth is with our flat rates, free shipping, and a no data no pay policy.


Recovering From Iomega Failure

One of the typical problems with Iomega drives is that it tends to experience a completely unannounced failure of the hard disk controller in the enclosure. If that happens, your OS will continue to recognize the drive, but it will still complain about the fail error. It may also happen, that the drive is recognized by the OS, but it wants the user to format it. The worst case is the inaccessible driver.

Iomega Power Issues

It is also possible to have certain problems with recognizing the drive which is connected to a USB or if  the enclosure simply doesn’t respond to powering up.

Whatever the case, SERT knows how to fix hard drive problems  and has developed advanced techniques and methods to resolve such problems.

Some other problems may occur, which are also quite  common for any brand or make of hard drives and which we solve successfully on a daily basis:

  • Power surge during file transfer: While transferring or saving your file on your system hard drive, if suddenly your PC gets shut down due to high voltage (thunder strikes).
  • Hard drive corruption due to Malware Attack: If the file system gets attacked and infected by any harmful application or some virus-like malware, spyware, adware etc., then it can result in inability to access your files.
  • Accidentally deleting  files on disk using Shift+Delete Key: If you have deleted files using “Shift+Del” keys then you can´t simply restore deleted files from recycle bin because the files that has been deleted from Iomega external hard drive do not go through the recycle bin. Meaning, accidentally deleting files using “Shift+Del”key results in data loss.
  • Unintended format: The external drive can be accidentally formatted. There is a possibility that you have chosen the wrong drive on the Iomega HDD. If you have not backed up the data on it, then you will lose all the stored data in a matter of seconds.

Iomega Disk Repair | Hard Drive Data Recovery | SERT HD Recovery Services

If any of these worst-case scenarios happens, you should turn off your computer or external device right away to prevent any further damage. We strongly advise you not to use various software solutions that could be found on the internet because you can make things even worse. Best way to overcome your situation is to let SERT professionals do the job and successfully recover your data.

What are your options?

You can choose one of the following ways to start resolving your Iomega device data loss problem:

If you dial 1-800-553-5738, you can arrange a FREE consultation with one of our technicians, who will, first, ask you some questions about the device’s history of problems and then inform you of the process in detail. This free consultation also includes the estimation of time needed for the recovery, as well as the cost of it.

You can always visit our service center and bring your device.

Ultimately, mail us your hard drive, using our free mail-in service and we will consistently keep you informed with the details of your case throughout the whole process.

Call SERT data recovery experts who have proven experience with recovering Iomega devices. The data loss problem with Iomega HDD might be a headache for you, but it´s a pleasure for us! Call 1-800-553-5738 and get your data back!

Iomega HDD through the history

Iomega is one of the first companies who start to develop removable storage devices. The very first product was Alpha-10 Bernoulli drive and it was placed on the market back in 1982 as the first removable magnetic storage product which offered built-in protection from disk crashes.

The model was in essence crash-proof, and even though it was pretty large dimensions, 10-megabyte removable disk was a scientific breakthrough at the time. During the years Iomega constantly improved products and took the leading role in developing compact disk drives with as much free space as possible. Original design and brand name separate Iomega devices from other competitive data storage devices.

In the 21st century Iomega continues to supply the world market with quality hardware devices (external/internal hard disk, portable hard drives, Iomega solid state drive, desktop network storage, Rackmount network storage) and matching quality software.

Simply find your Iomega product on the list and start your case:

Silver Series Desktop Hard Drive USB 2.0 320GB
Desktop USB Hard Drive 160GB
Iomega® NAS 300m/240GB
NAS 300m/240GB
Black Desktop Hard Drive USB 160GB
Silver Desktop Hard Drive USB 2.0 80GB
Black Desktop Triple Interface hard Drive 400GB
Network Hard Drive 250GB High-Speed Ethernet
Iomega® Network hard drive Family

Iomega® Desktop Hard Drive Hi-Speed USB 2.0 320GB, Value Silver Series
Iomega® Desktop Hard Drive, 400GB, Black Series, USB 2.0/FireWire® 400/FireWire 800
Iomega® Desktop Hard Drive USB 2.0 160GB
Iomega® Desktop Hard Drive Hi-Speed USB 2.0 160GB, Black Series
Iomega® Desktop Hard Drive Hi-Speed USB 2.0 80GB, Silver Series
Iomega® StorCenter™ Network Hard Drive 250GB High-Speed Ethernet
Iomega® Ultramax 2.5 TB
Iomega Disk Repair | Hard Drive Data Recovery | SERT HD Recovery Services

2 thoughts on “Iomega Disk Repair”

  1. Hi,

    Our 500 GB iomega desktop hard drive hi speed usb 2.0 hasn’t been working for more than 6 years or so, and unfortunately we didn’t follow through with repairing at the time.

    Now we’d like to try and fix it again. When plugged in to a computer, the drive doesn’t show up. However, there is a green light on the drive indicating it is working.

    I’d like to ask the cost and logistics of repairing it.

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