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If you forgot to backup your files, and your Samsung hard drive has failed, SERT Samsung data recovery service can help you get your data back.

SERT is one of the leading Samsung hard drive data recovery service providers. When it comes to data loss emergencies, SERT will help you get your important files back safely, quickly, and affordably.


Samsung hard drive specialists

Samsung hard drives come in many sizes for laptops and desktops, as well as USB external portable applications. These types of drives experience a handful of common problems that can prevent access to the data being stored on them. SERT hard drive recovery team will be able to handle any situation you face.

The three main problems are

  • Bad Sectors
  • Corrupt or Damaged Firmware
  • Mechanical Failure

Bad Sectors Cannot Be Repaired

The drive reads and writes data on platters located inside the drive. Depending on the storage capacity of the drive, the number of platters will vary. Usually the larger the storage capacity, the more platters there will be. The data is written to sectors on the drive, and these sometimes go bad from wear and

Once the sector is bad it will be remapped so it is not used again. Bad sectors cannot be repaired. If the drive gets too many of these, and depending on where they are can prevent access to the drive, and the computer from booting up.

Corrupt or Damaged Firmware Must Be Repaired First

Samsung drives store data on the platters themselves, not just user data, but data that is responsible for the functionality of the drive. When this becomes damaged or corrupted, access to the data will be limited or totally restricted.


This must be repaired before the drive will be operational again. Repairs like these require very expensive advanced data recovery hardware that is able to access these areas of the drive.

Mechanical Failure – Platters, PCB Board, Read Write Heads

Many times when you cant access your data, it’s due to mechanical failure or damaged hard ware. There are many moving parts inside the drive, however two main parts are the platters and the read write

When either of these are damaged there is serious problems with the drive that must be repaired before even the diagnostics can be completed. Data recovery is not possible without repair. If the platters are damaged there is a high probability the data will not be recoverable.

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