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SERT has become a leading data recovery company because of years of experience recovering data from Seagate drives. Even though Seagate is one of the leaders in data storage technology, their drives do fail.

We’ve proven ourselves time and time again, and can put our money where our mouth is with our flat rates, free shipping, and a no data no pay policy.


When Seagates fail, SERT has your back and will get your data recovered quickly, and returned back to you safe and sound. We guarantee it. We also pay for shipping and provide free evaluation on standard cases.

Data recovered: Seagate hard drives

This is how our Seagate hard drive recovery services work. We evaluated your Seagate drive, and determine what is preventing access to your data and execute a strategy to recover your files.

After that’s accomplished we’ve imaged your drive, extracted the data, and you were able to breath again with the assurance that your data was not lost forever. Sound Good?

When it comes to Seagate hard drive recovery, SERT engineers are successful when carrying out advanced recovery procedures. Some of these might include working in the service area, rewriting firmware, as well as switching out actuator arms and inspecting the internals of the drive in a certified clean room.

Seagate’s 7200.11 firmware plague and recovery

Seagate HDD’s have also had some firmware problems with their line of Barracuda drives.  This especially refers to the Seagate Barracuda 7200.11, Barracuda ES.2 SATA, and DiamondMax 22 models.

If your drive has corrupted firmware then it will spin up fine and act normal, but it won’t initialize, boot up the operating system, or read any data. It may or may not appear in BIOS, and if it does it may appear with 0 capacity.

This particular failure requires special data recovery hardware that is able to access the firmware and rewrite it. This is not an easy process and requires the technical knowledge of a data recovery professional familiar with Seagate hard drives.

seagate-stuck-head-data-recoveryStuck heads and Seagate data recovery options

Seagate laptop hard drives commonly suffer from the same fate as other 2.5 inch HDD’s, such as heads failing to return to their ‘parking spot’. Instead, they are left stuck to the platters. This tends to happen after the sudden termination of the computer when the motor stops spinning causing the heads to get stuck.

This type of Seagate recovery will require an ISO 5 CLASS 100 cleanroom environment. A professional data recovery service will be able to provide proof and certification that they have one on premises. Please understand that opening Seagate hard drive yourself outside of a certified clean work area can ruin any chance of recovery.

Common Electronic Failure on Seagates

seagate-burned-pcb-boardSERT Data Recovery has experience solving another common problem with Seagate hard disks. Electronics failure or damage to the circuit board (PCB) can happen after power spikes, electric storms, or faulty power and battery backups.

It’s possible you will notice a sharp smell if something like this happens, which will also be accompanied with the sudden reboot or shut down of your computer.

However, if you try to power on the drive, and it doesn’t want to spin up – you know you need help to recover your data. Not to worry, your data can still be saved! This Seagate data recovery requires replacing parts which can be quite costly, but if your data is worth it then you have no choice.

However, most people make the mistake of thinking they can just swap out boards, and unfortunately it’s not that easy. There are a few secrets you will need to know and be able to execute, to actually get your data in this case.

Advice about Seagate Data Recovery

seagate-external-harddrive-data-recoveryThe best advice was given by a Seagate representative: always back-up your files! But, should any of the mentioned problems occur, be sure to turn off the computer. Any further operation will lead to overwriting of your data and decreasing the chances for the complete data recovery. If your data is really precious to you, instead of any DIY options, your best hope is to call a company who can successfully restore hard drive data from Seagate HDD’s.

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