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SERT is a national data recovery service provider, experienced in Toshiba hard drive repair and recovery. Every drive is different and Toshiba is no exception to the rule. Our engineers will evaluate your drive and apply the best possible solution to recover your important files quickly and securely.

SERT’s ability to recover data from hard drive failures in Toshibas, have stood the test of time. We have consistently recovered our clients’ data, providing flat rates, free shipping, and a no data no pay policy.


Before taking unecessary risks and potentially making matters worse, call SERT Data Recovery for a free consultation. We have heard many horror stories, and seen many cases that could have been recovered had we been called first.

We are not only the price leader in the industry, we are among the top experts. We have invested years of hard work and captial into Toshiba hard drive data recovery, and you can be sure that your case is going to be handled right.

We specialize in recovering files, media, and images from all Toshiba drives. This includes computers, laptops, and external devices.

Toshiba Disk Repair | Hard Drive Data Recovery | SERT HD Recovery Services

Problems Toshiba Hard Drives Are Known For

Toshiba hard drives are known for heads that fail. This can happen due to regular wear and tear and for “apparently” no reason. This calls for our advanced level service where we will have to locate a donor in order to transplant a good working set of read write heads.

Bad sectors, or errors on the platter where the data is written to is often another common case that we solve on a weekly basis. Bad sectors are inevitable on almost all drives and cannot be repaired. The only way to overcome this type of problem is with expensive data recovery hardware only the professionals have.

When a hard drive falls this can cause many kinds of problems internally to the drive. It can cause the read write head alignment to become misaligned. It can also damage the heads and cause them to become stuck on or off the parking area. The worst thing to do in this situation is to plug the drive in to see if it still works.

SERT’s Toshiba hard drive recovery services offer the most competative rates and fastest evaluation and turn around in any type of case.

What To do at the First Sign of Toshiba Hard Drive Failure

It’s never a good idea to try to recover data from a drive when the cause of the problem is unknown. With Toshiba hard drive recovery, there are certain procedures and equipment for evaluating the situation before anything is actually done. It’s possible to do irreversible damage to the hard drive that would cause the data to be lost forever.

Preventive Steps to Take

The best prevention to hard drive failure is to have a reliable back up solution that automatically moves copies of your files to a safe place. Both the cloud and an external drive are good ideas. We can also help you with this after we recover your data to make sure you don’t need to see us again.

Having the best anti-virus and security system set up on the computer is also highly advisable. Keep in mind, no matter how many preventive steps you take there is always the possibility the hard drive will suffer a critical failure.

Toshiba Disk Repair | Hard Drive Data Recovery | SERT HD Recovery Services

Never Try to Fix A Toshiba Hard Drive On Your Own

Do not take the steps to try and fix a Toshiba hard drive on your own and, most definitely, avoid any do-it-yourself data or file recovery steps. You might end up ruining the hard drive and losing the data forever in the process.

Even if you have a bit of knowledge about hard drives in general, each and every drive is different.

There may be unique complexities with a Toshiba drive you won’t be familiar with without extensive training. Our engineers have many years experience working with Toshiba drives, and many success stories.

Call Us When Files On Your Toshiba Drive Are Lost

Call right away when you have lost files on your Toshiba drive. You can fill out our online request form for a free consultation about yourproblem.

Those in our area can drop the hard drive off at our service center, or if you are out of the area we provide free shipping! The minute we check out the unit, you will be notified what the problem is and whether or not your data is recoverable.

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