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When your My Book or Passport crashes, you need an experienced data recovery company that is familiar with WD and specializes in Western Digital hard drive recovery.

SERT’s WD hard drive data recovery service recovers data from these devices on a daily basis offering flat rates, free shipping, and a no data no pay policy.


Western Digital is a leader in hard drive manufacturing, but some of their external hard drives are notorious when it comes to needing data recovery for a few reasons.


One specific hurdle lies within the Passport line where the PCB for the external hard drive  was designed with a USB 3.0 connection, instead of the traditional SATA port. It requires advanced recovery tools to gain access to this particular drive, even to just get an image of it.

SERT has the tools to overcome every obstacle and get your data back quickly and safely.

Common Western Digital Recovery Solutions Include

    • USB Connector
    • Encrypted Data
    • Crashed Heads
    • Failed PCB Boards
    • Clicking and Beeping Drives
    • Dead Drive
    • Formatted Partition
    • Platter damage due to head crash

      • File overwrites
      • Deleted files
      • Operating system corruption and related issues
      • Many more…
      • Disk reformatting

wd-passportusb-failed-driveOur Western Digital hard drive data recovery services will not void the warranty on your hard disk. In addition to that, we know how to navigate through the encryption some Western Digital drives utilize.

Instead of lessening your chances for file recovery using freeware or recovery software, an experienced service provider like SERT can increase your chances by 98%.

SERT – the Recommended Western Digital Data Recovery Experts

SERT Data Recovery is proud to be recognized as a leading national data recovery company, and continues to add to a history of success through data recovery for Western Digital external hard drives.

We have invested many resources in research and development which allows us to recover crucial data from the latest  Western Digital external and internal drives.

Western Digital Disk Repair | Hard Drive Data Recovery | SERT HD Recovery Services

If your hard disk drive has crashed and you need reliable Western Digital hard drive repair services, our established recovery engineers are available to help. We have many years of Western Digital hard drive data recovery experience and our engineers are capable of recovering data successfully from all WD hard drive models.

That’s our guarantee. We go above and beyond the call of duty to leave our clients 100% satisfied.

The Best Western Digital Recovery Services Around

Most Western Digital data recovery problems are due to improper cooling. Quite a few of these failures can as well be due to read-write head malfunctions or corruption of the service track.

When there are micro-code issues, the WD drive will usually make a clicking sound. You might also see a wrong drive set displayed at POST. For example, you might see “Caviar SE WD – 400J.B 40GB I.D.E Ultra ATA 100” instead of “Caviar SE WD – 1600J.B 160GB I.D.E Ultra ATA 100.”

wd-passport-hard-diskThis is a straightforward sign that the microcode or heads have failed, but are still in a recoverable state in most circumstances. If the drive is still clicking, you are advised to switch it off. Continuing to run the drive will cause more damage to the platter.

Don’t Try To Do Western Digital Recovery Yourself

Keep in mind that Western Digital drives are delicate devices. Like any other crucial device, if they’re not handled properly, you will experience irrecoverable failure.

Note that WD hard drives are sensitive to heat and temperature changes, power surges, static electricity and physical shock. You’re therefore advised to seek an expert opinion on how to handle your failing Western Media drive.

Your Path to W.D Data Recovery

Begin the SERT Data Recovery processes by taking time to fill out our quick quote form, or call us and speak to an experienced customer care rep who will take you through all the details of your WD recovery requirements – step by step. Depending on the type of service you need, the good news is that we can help you get all your files back in as few as 24 hours.

We can provide recovery services for any model of WD hard drive including (but not limited to) those listed below.

Models: MyBook, Vantage, Scorpio, Protégé, Piranha, Passport, Enterprise, Caviar, Expert, Scorpio

In addition to comprehensive recovery services, we boast the best W.D data recovery prices in this part of the world. We do not recommend using data recovery software to recover data. Especially for recovering files from western digital passport where data recovery needs require specialized hardware.

Do You Have Any of The Following Problems?

  • Burnt circuit boards or are you aware of an awful smell of smoke floating up from your PC?
  • Your drive is starting fine but isn’t initializing correctly e.g it shows wrong S/N?
  • The WD is spinning and producing sweeping sounds while trying to locate the firmware?
  • Are you getting a SMART error when the system is re-booting?
  • Heads getting stuck to the smooth surface?

You’re not alone; our experts have helped solve thousands of similar issues for many years.

Call Us for All Your Western Digital Recovery Needs

We are available round the clock to listen to you. Feel free to send your damaged drive to us (free post-in services) or if you’re available kindly drop it off at our service center. We are here to provide you with cutting edge W.D data recovery services, try us.

Western Digital Disk Repair | Hard Drive Data Recovery | SERT HD Recovery Services

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