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How Can A Brand New Hard Drive Fail Within 30 Days

Wondering why you have a hard disk drive failure, and your drive is almost new? We can look into the possible reasons why this can occur and maybe learn a few suggestions for dealing with it.

A hard drive typically lasts from 4 to 8 years depending on usage, but it’s still possible for hard drives used no longer than 30 days to fail. The two possibilities for such failure are either physical or logical failure, sometimes both.

Physical Failure

If a system BIOS is unable to detect the hard drive, the likelihood is that the failure of the hard drive is a physical one. Such physical failures can further be divided into mechanical and electronic failures.


Mechanical failure often results from high-precision moving parts breaking down or wear and tare, and improper handling. This is usually preceded by a warning that indicates that some sort of mechanical failure is about to take place or has already taken place, slow response times during normal operations.

Furthermore, clicking, beeping, and clanking noises in a hard drive usually indicate that a failure may soon take place. This will more than likely require a clean room recovery in order to retrieve the data in this instance.

Electronic failure, the other possible cause for physical failure, takes place within a hard drive’s circuit board or PCB. The PCB is the component of a hard drive that allows it to communicate with the system of a computer and vice-versa, and an electronic failure in the hard drive will usually make such communication impossible.

Such failure usually occurs because of, corrupt firmware, bad controller chips, other failing components of the PCB, and requires sophisticated tools in order to recover the data. This can also result in an external hard drive not showing up situation. Without these tools recovery is impossible no matter what online data recovery software providers promise.

Logical Failure

Logical failures occur when data recorded on a hard drive become inaccessible due to them being improperly organized or written. This can take place if the drive is accidentally formatted, if important registry keys and other important reading files are deleted, or if harmful viruses and malware make their way into a computer system. A deleted file recovery will be necessary now.

It is also possible for a logical failure to occur due to the recording mechanism of the drive failing for some reason. Because this problem only occurs with prolonged use, such occurrences in new hard drives are usually the result of a manufacturing defect.

New Hard Drive Suspected Failure or Danger of Failing?

If a system warning pops up on the computer or strange noises are heard from the hard drive, the computer should immediately be shut down and a data recovery expert contacted. This is important as continued operation of the device could result in non-recoverable and permanent data loss.

Furthermore, it is important to always keep a computer system well-ventilated by avoiding the use of the computer under direct sunlight and stopping computer use if one of the unit’s fans breaks down. Of course, the use of anti-virus and anti-malware programs is also important.

Lastly, the warranty of a new hard drive that has failed or is failing should be checked to see if a replacement for the defective unit ought to be provided by the supplier or company from which it was purchased. Data recovery will need to be performed prior to any returns for exchange, and SERT Data Recovery is able to perform this without voiding any manufacturer warranties.

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