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In mechanical failure data recovery cases where the drive must be opened to replace parts, or perform other techniques necessary to recover data, it is crucial that the work is accomplished in the proper environment meeting CLASS 100 ISO 5 standards.

SERT is proud to be Palm Beach County’s only certified clean room work area for data recovery cases.

SERT Data Recovery’s clean room recoveries are handled by experienced engineers in a clean room environment in accordance with IEST-RP-CCOO2.3, ISO 14644. Our CLASS 100 ISO 5 work area is certified each year and maintained on a regular basis.

Why Does My Hard Drive need a Clean Room Environment

The working components found inside hard drives are prone to damage when introduced to dust particles and other airborne contaminates.
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Recovery cases that require head swaps or re-calibration, platter swaps, visual inspection, or involve head stiction where an engineer will open the drive case must be done in a certified clean room environment.

The read/write head assembly hovers just several nanometers above the platters, and are never supposed to come into contact with them. (A nanometer is million times smaller than millimeter!)If and when they do, they can scratch the platter, permanently destroying your data.

This means that most bacteria couldn’t fit between the platters and the read/write head! That’s how delicate they are! Every airborne particle is considered huge when considering the space between the head and the platter on your hard drive!

Hard drive platters rotate several thousand times per minute and because of that dust particles can cause a catastrophic head crash which will be fatal for your data.

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What Classifies a “Clean Room”

Federal standards regulate necessary levels of ‘cleanness’ required for the different classifications of a clean room.

Those standards determine the number of particles larger than 0.5 µm per cubic foot. (µm is a thousand times smaller than a millimeter!) According to these standards, a Clean room with Class 100 ISO 5 allows for 100 particles per cubic foot.

Clean rooms that are recovering data from hard drive that needs to be repaired should be class 100 ISO 5 in order to successfully and safely open your drive and recover your data. This is also important to make sure not to void the warranty on the hard drive.

ISO 5 has proven to be the acceptable standard when repairing damaged hard drives for successful data recovery.  

Clean Room Data Recovery |Our CLASS 100 ISO 5 clean room is equipped with special HEPA air filters, which are constantly removing air particles from coming in contact with the moving parts of the storage device.

The humidity and temperature inside the environment is also regulated.

Aside from these strict standards of safety, our lab is also under 24 hour surveillance, in order to limit any unauthorized access to your data.

SERT Clean Room Recoveries are 98% Successful

We at SERT Data Recovery take pride in providing our clients with the safest terms in any possible way – we offer discretion and controlled access to your storage device, as well as the safest possible environment in which your media is examined and worked on.

SERT Data Recovery is deeply committed to preserving this level of security for our clients, which is why we have been ranked among the most effective and most reliable data recovery firms with a clean room lab in the country!

Once again, no matter what time of day or week it is, if you have any kind of problems with accessing your data, don’t wait too long and risk a permanent loss! Instead, call us (phone number goes here) and request a free consultation with our finest experts in data recovery. You can also arrange a free consultation by filling out our online quote request or by visiting in person our service center.


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