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What Are Online Backups?

They are cloud based online back up services that will back up your data automatically. The convenience and the simplicity of uploading your data to a server where it will be backed up is simply too good for anybody to resist. Mozy and Carbonite are one of the main commercial providers of this type of service, and they may appear to be perfect for your budget and needs.

But before you jump in to anything, it would be really beneficial if you would first read the terms and conditions since you may not be getting what you expected.


Why Online Backups Like Carbonite and Mozy are Not Safe?

Mozy and Carbonite are very popular when it comes to backing up your documents, but your data is not really going to be safe and secure. The main reason why these cheap online backups are not safe is because of encryption and also the levels of security on the servers where your data is being stored. Redundancy is not a main concern for this level of service as it is expensive to make backups of backups the way that data centers need to.

There is also no guarantee, liability, and protection for your data should there be a disaster at the data center and your data is lost in the process.

Didn’t Expect Such Slow Upload Speeds?

These services have very low upload speeds which do not depend on your internet connection speeds. This means that if you want to back up around 100GB of data it may even take you a couple of months or weeks before you are able to back up that data.

You may find this to be extremely inconvenient in addition to the fact your computer is going to be running this process in the background during the whole time. The time it takes to upload your data is just too long and you can never be assured that you data will be safe for all that time before the data has been uploaded to the online backups.

The longer the process of backing up, the higher the chances that a hacker may gain access to your data. This is because during the process of uploading the data there are weaknesses that smart hackers can exploit and steal your data hence making online backups very insecure.

With Carbonite there is a very high probability that you may lose all the data that you had already backed up. This happens more frequently than they would care to admit and there is nothing that you can do about it. You may also have to install and uninstall the app severally for it to work and this can also lead to a lot of data loss.

SERT Data Recovery is here to help you avoid as well as recover from data loss disasters. If you are in need of a safe and secure data backup company SERT has a secure cloud backup and share service, click here for more information.

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