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In short, yes, it is safe to ship your drive to the data recovery company.

People are insecure about shipping their drives when the data on the drive may be very sensitive, they fear the drive might be misplaced, or get damaged during shipping. Taking the right precautions can help you avoid any of these issues and remain confident in sending your drive out for service.

Why Send Your Drive Out of State

Very few local IT and computer service companies have the advanced tools required to perform many of the operations and procedures required to recover data form failed hard drives. This is where SERT Data Recovery can help you get the best deal and service, because we are able to perform recovery services on a level that your local IT company is not.

If you decide not to use SERT for your , so long as the recovery company where you are shipping your drive is a reputable company you can rest assured your drive will be treated no differently than if you were to hand deliver it.

Precautions That You Can Take When Shipping Your Drive

  1. The first and probably most important thing that you should look before shipping your drive is the reputation of the data recovery company who will be working on your drive. If they have a good reputation with their past clients then you can relax knowing that your drive is in safe hands. Most data recovery companies want to build a reputation for themselves and in most cases the only way that they do so is by ensuring that everything is as they said it would be.
  2. Make sure the drive is packed appropriately. We have a packing list for you to review available here. As long as you follow the directions listed here, your drive will be safe travelling which ever shipping service you choose. It’s always good to get insurance as well
  3. If the drive has sensitive data that would lead to a lot of problems if it fell in the wrong hands, then you can contact customer care or an official from the company and tell them about it. They will be able to tell you and assure you of the security and control procedures put in place to give you peace of mind. This should not be a major concern since data recovery companies are held to a higher standard in the industry and absolutely respect the privacy of their clients. Their job is usually just to recover the data and not to look at it.

Shipping the drive off to a reputable professional data recovery company should not raise any concerns or doubts as long as you have done your research and due diligence.

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