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RAID 0 recovery services depend on many factors

What RAID 0 failure Do You Have?

RAID 0 recovery is one of our specialties. You need to be especially careful what steps are taken in the process of RAID 0 data recovery. Recovering from this array configuration can be especially tricky, due to the lack of redundancy with the configuration.

When your device goes down, and especially if a hard drive has failed, you are going to want to consult with a professional. Every move you make is critical to the success of recovery.

SERT engineers are highly experienced when it comes to RAID 0 recovery. SERT’s data recovery professionals have successfully recovered thousands of RAID systems over the years.

One Drive Down Data Recovery RAID 0

This is a very dangerous place to be. When a drive in your RAID 0 goes down, it’s not the time to go to your local computer repair shop.

It’s crucial to determine what caused the array to fail before trying to recover the data. The main thing to know is if any of the drives are failing, or have already failed. A RAID array data recovery specialist will have the expertise to tell you that, as well as perform whatever type of repair your hard drive needs. You want to deal with a company that has a clean room environment onsite in case the drives internal parts need to be replaced.

Failures requiring RAID 0 recovery

Whichever the cause of your RAID 0 failure, it is essential to shut down your system immediately and note the events leading up to the failure. With RAID 0 failure, most of the cases we see are due to:

  • Bad sectors on one drive, this can harm the entire array
  • Failing R/W heads on hard drive
    RAID 0 diagram for data recovery
  • RAID 0 Controller failure
  • RAID partition is corrupted; in this case, you won’t be able to see or use the entire partitions.
  • Drive failure is one of the main causes for broken RAID 0.
  • RAID controller damaged by a power surge or electric shock, which will cause the corruption of RAID configuration data.
  • Many other causes which are also common for the failure of standard hard disks, such as logical, as well as firmware issues or improper user handling and even viruses. 

We can’t warn you enough of the risks of DIY (do it yourself) attempts at RAID array recovery with this configuration, especially on Drobos and other NAS devices. Because this array configuration lacks the redundancy others offer, RAID 0 recovery requires more than just swapping out a hard drive.

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Sending SERT your RAID 0 data recovery case

There are a number of ways you can contact SERT Data Recovery and start a recovery case.  You can SAFELY mail in your RAID array making sure to package and label the drives correctly.

Begin by contacting us for a free phone consultation with one of our engineers experienced with RAID 0 data recovery!

On time Evaluation and Support

Your RAID 0 case is our priority! As soon as we receive your drives, we will run a series of diagnostic procedures to determine the cause of the problem. We’ll evaluate your case quickly and give you a diagnostics report detailing how we will proceed, and the expected success rate. If you need an evaluation same day, ask about our expedited services.

About RAID 0 arrays

RAID 0 is a configuration of two or more drives, which has 0 (zero) redundancy and is used to improve the performance of a particular storage container.

However, this type of RAID configuration uses block-level striping, but no parity data (mirroring). This means that if any of the member-drives experiences failure, the entire array is damaged. The likelihood of this scenario occurring is increased with more drives in the array.

SERT Data Recovery engineers are exceptionally successful recovering data from RAID 0 arrays. Get the most affordable and successful RAID 0 data recovery with SERT Data Recovery.

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