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RAID 1 data recovery services depend on many factors

What symptoms is your RAID 1 array having?

SERT Data Recovery has experienced and competent engineers specialized in RAID 1 data recovery (or any other RAID configuration for that matter).

We have done this so many times over the years and with excellent success rate, that we can offer you a guarantee – no recovered data, no charge for the service! That’s how confident we are and that’s how satisfied you will be!

Experienced RAID 1 Recovery Techs

We’ve recovered data and restored RAID 1 arrays after many recommended data recovery companies said it wasn’t possible after the following occurred:

  • Breaking or corruption of the mirror, leading to the fail of the second disk
  • Re-initialized array
  • Accidental formatting of the array
  • Failure of the array or its controller
  • Of course, inevitable problems with viruses
  • Entering of the corrupted data from one disk to another
  • Server crash and problems with a re-build

  • Appearance of the bad sectors on one or more
  • And obviously, any other cause responsible for standard hard drives fails
  • Message that your RAID 1 is missing a drive
  • System won’t boot
  • Shows more drives, instead of one
  • Missing partitions
  • Not able to access your data

If you ignore any of these signs, or attempt to fix them yourself, it is sure to lead to further complications with your RAID 1 device.

We Make is Simple To Get Your Case Started

SERT Data Recovery makes is so simple for you to get your data back no matter what part of the country you are located in. By following our packing directions you will be able to send us your raid array recovery case with little effort and no risk. If you need us to walk you through the process, please do not hesitate to call and speak to a SERT representative.

Get your RAID 1 recovery case quote by calling this number

RAID 1 data recovery by the experts

RAID configurations are quite complex, however the solution for failing RAID lies within the experience in rebuilding them, which requires experience and confidence. Most people try to rebuild them themselves and begin a job that they can’t finish.

Most of the RAID data recovery cases we get have been attempted by an IT tech or an owner who thought they knew how to rebuild their array. Quite often they cause the job to cost more than if they would have simply called us to begin with.  One thing you can guarantee is 9.9 out of 10 DIY attempts to recover RAID arrays lead to further consequences and costs.

Avoid further damage to your array

First, turn off your system at the first hint of anything strange happening, to avoid further damage to your RAID 1 device. Then, call a SERT representative 1-800-553-5738 to arrange a free consultation and diagnosis of your problem. Our polite staff will guide you through the entire process and advise you on how to properly pack your RAID 1 for shipping.

Although, there are many things that can harm even the RAID 1 array, we have met and successfully recovered all of them. We have a 98% recovery rate. This means if we can’t get your data then no one can!

Design of RAID 1 array

RAID 1 is created in order to provide extra security from the data loss. What it does is, it sends the exact copy of the data to each disk in the array, but without recording any parity data (two disks are the minimum needed for the RAID 1 array). It’s like mirroring all data to all available disks. This function allows reading of the drives to be quick. On the other hand – writing of the data is significantly slower. Also, the capacity of the largest drive represents the total capacity of the entire array.

Although, its design promises the reliable operation, it is not uncommon even for RAID 1 to experience fail. However, the good thing is that duplication of data increases the chances for a full RAID 1 data recovery! And with the right tools, technologies, expertise and the right environment – how can anyone expect less!?

SERT Data Recovery service is at your service 24/7! We are here to provide the safest and the quickest solution for your business! If you have questions please call the number below.

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