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RAID 10 data recovery services depend on many factors

What symptoms is your RAID 10 array having?

Whether your RAID 10 has failed on you, or you are experiencing trouble, it is wise to delegate your problem to experts in RAID 10 data recovery. SERT Data Recovery will quickly evaluate the level of recovery needed to get your data, and advise you on how long it will take to get it back to you quickly and safely.

Our engineers have become true experts when it comes to RAID array data recovery services, recovering data from hundreds of RAID devices over the years, including RAID 10. Don’t risk losing your data, but instead entrust your RAID 10 device to SERT’s engineers. You can be sure that the problem will be solved as quickly as possible no matter what the level of damage.

How to start a RAID 10 recovery case

You can fill out our online request quote or call us at 1-800-553-5738 to arrange a free consultation with an engineer who will be able to examine your case and guide you through the entire process of the recovery. Otherwise, feel free to visit our service facilities or just mail us your drives free of charge. We’re at your service 24/7 regardless of working days or holidays! Whatever is the most convenient for you.

How to prepare your case:

  • Ensure to label your drives and the bays they came out of correctly (in order they were in your array)
  • Put your drives in antistatic bags
  • Pack them safely with bubble wrap

Why SERT RAID 10 Data Recovery?

Besides the already mentioned benefits you get when you choose SERT Data Recovery, our data recovery services are highly proficient in dealing with damages caused by various sources.

  • Logical (virus infections, deletions, corruptions, overwritten MTF, the lost structure of partitions, formatted partitions…)
  • Physical (damaged controller, failure of the actuator, media damage, electrical damage, bad sectors, damage caused by overheating….)
  • Disasters, like flood, fire, power shortage….

Our technicians can recover data from any size, configuration, operating system or platform of RAID 10. We can treat any symptom your device is experiencing – from inability to boot, missing partitions, inability to access your data to corruption of RAID 10 configuration setting…

Do’s and Dont’s before data recovery from RAID 10

You should know some basic things about how to act in case your RAID 10 fails, in order to ensure the maximum probability for recovering your data from RAID 10 device.

  • Turn off your system at the first sign of trouble
  • Don’t try to fix the problem on your own. Fixing the broken array requires safe environment and techniques, and it is most likely that you can’t secure that at work.
  • Examine thoroughly and very carefully whom to entrust your RAID 10 device
  • Choose a service which operates a controlled safe and clean environment
  • Choose a service assembles the leading experts when it comes to RAID data recovery
  • Choose a service that uses advanced technologies and methods in recovering data from RAID 10 devices. Choose SERT Data Recovery for the best possible results to get your business up and running in no time!

About RAID 10

RAID 10 Combines the benefits of RAID 1 (’mirroring’) and RAID 0 (’striping’) configuration. This, basically means that it creates two RAID 1 mirror arrays and strips data across them, thus increasing both – the performance and the fault tolerance. It requires at least 4 drives and it can withstand the fall of one drive per sub-array without causing the loss of data. So long as no mirror loses all its drives, your data is safe.