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RAID 6 data recovery services depend on many factors

What symptoms is your RAID 6 Array having?

SERT RAID engineers specialize with RAID 6 data recovery, and have experience successfully recovering data in hundreds of cases throughout the years.

In order to restore and rebuild your RAID 6 array properly it’s vital to understand the cause of failure and if any disks are damaged. This is especially true with NAS devices like Drobos and Synology.

22 Drive RAID 6 data recovery with 4 drives down – 100% Success!


Recovering data from RAID 6 failure

Some of our successful RAID data recovery services have included :

  • Failure of RAID controller
  • Damage inflicted by viruses
  • Rebuild failure
  • Corrupted RAID 6
  • RAID 6 Server crash
  • Accidentaly formated partitions
  • Media damage
  • Bad sectors

  • Electrical damage
  • Actuator damage
  • Multiple drive failure
  • Damage inflicted by software corruption
  • Broken RAID 6
  • Unable to boot into the OS
  • Accidental user errors
  • Natural disasters

RAID 6 data recovery shouldn’t be a gamble

  • DO turn off your RAID array immediately. This step is extremely important – you will ensure that no additional data can be written to the drives, and the current state will be preserved.
  • DO label your hard drives properly
  • DO contact SERT Data Recovery for a free consultation
  • DON’T reformat your RAID 6
  • DON’T force the RAID 6 back on-line
  • DON’T change places of the drives in your RAID 6

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How can you reach SERT for RAID 6 Recovery?

We are available 24/7, simply call us at 1-800-553-5738 to schedule a consultation with our RAID 6 data recovery engineers. All consultations and diagnosis are free. You can also fill out our online request quote to get started.

After that, the first step in your RAID 6 recovery is very important: make sure to label your drives in correct order (in order they were used in the array), put them in an antistatic bag and deliver it to us by mail or in person.

What to expect choosing SERT Data Recovery

RAID 6 cases qualify for expedited rush services at SERT Data Recovery. If you find that you need your data in a rush in order to get back in operation, just give us authorization and note that you would like to upgrade your services. After our bench analysis we will be able to evaluate the time needed for the full recovery of your RAID 6 array.

Technical information about RAID 6 configuration:

RAID 6 arrays are designed primarily for data security, which makes it quite convenient for large companies whose main focus is on preservation of data. For its operation you need to have at least four drives.

It uses block-level striping and also creates double parity data, thus providing fault tolerance up to two disks. This allows two disks from the array to fail, and your data would still be accessible in a degraded state. Remember a RAID 6 working in degraded state needs to have the problem drives replaced immediately, or the chances of losing your data increases with every minute.

SERT is a data recovery service that can recover your data from RAID 6 failure quickly and effectively, for an affordable price.

Call 800-553-5738 for a FREE RAID 6 data recovery quote