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SERT engineers are no stranger when it comes to Data Robotics and their line of NAS RAID devices. Whether you have a small office, or are a residential user, SERT’s Drobo data recovery service will get you safely back up to speed.

drobo-data-recovery-servicesDrobo devices beyond RAID configurations allow for redundancy where drives might fail. During a failure or loss of access, the very next steps you take are the most crucial in order to avoid data loss.

It’s important to understand what caused the failure, and the experts at SERT will be able to easily determine the reason as well as fix it.

Drobo Proprietary array software

Drobo’ s proprietary RAID array software configuration can cause recovery to be problematic when systems go down.

Often times recovering a failed Drobo requires the drives to be repaired, or imaged, in order for the array to be recognized again, giving access to your data.

SERT engineers are trained to quickly get you back in business at an affordable rate.

We invite you to take advantage of our experience when it comes to RAID data recovery, and your Drobo device. You can count on our world class support for all your Data Robotics products!

SERT Techs are competent with Drobo data recovery on all devices:

  • drobo-data-recoveryIncluding but not limited to
  • Any Drobo server with DroboShare
  • Drobo Elite
  • DroboPro
  • Drobo S
  • Drobo
  • Drobo FS
  • Drobo Mini
  • Drobo Professional

Drobos can be configured in many formats

In order to perform advanced data recovery on a Drobo, it’s imperative to understand how your it is formatted, in other words what array configuration is it using. It can use RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 6. The proprietary RAID configuration is called BeyondRAID.

You should always have a plan of action when your Drobo fails. You have to be very careful when performing certain recovery procedures so no harm comes to your data.

You’ll get the best results consulting with an expert data recovery company first, even before contacting Drobo support. You also want to stick with a  data recovery service who is familiar with your system … It’s like having a family doctor – he is already familiar with your past problems and understands your situation better than any other!

Give us a call and speak to one of our engineers for a free phone consultation, see for yourself how much we know.

Start your case for Drobo recovery with SERT

Whatever is the most convenient for you:

  • You can start your case by dialing 1-800-553-5738 and take advantage of a FREE phone consultation.
  • One of our engineers will examine your problem and inform you of the estimation of time needed for the recovery, as well as the cost.
  • Start your case immediately by filling out our secure online form
  • Visit our service center and bring your device in
  • Mail us your drives

Increase the chances for complete data recovery from your Drobo failure

In order to maximize the success of your Drobo data recovery (and to reduce downtime) it is best to immediately shut down your Drobo device, as soon as the problem occurs.

This will prevent any accidental overwrites of your data, or further damage to the platter(s) or any other critical component inside the drives. In case, there’s been a hardware issue – this action will also ensure that no additional damage will affect the device.

How do I recovery my data from my Drobo storage device?

What do I do when I have failure lights on my Drobo drive?

Each case is different and requires different techniques and methods. You can help our technicians develop a unique recovery plan by providing as much information as possible about the device and its history of symptoms.

Drobo devices have integrated warning signs, in form of LEDs, in order to let the user know that something unusual is going on with the device. You should particularly watch for the blinking red LED, which indicates the failure of one of the drives.

Drobo – Beyond RAID Technology

Data Robotics is one of the world’s leading companies in server industry. Their line of servers (available as RAID-like configurations, SAN and NAS) is characterized with remarkable stability and adaptability. The latest Data Robotics devices support the mix of drives using non-standard algorithms, the company named the BeyondRAID. It allows the user to combine different sized drives in the array, with redundancy of up to three drive failures!

Furthermore, it allows the user to reorder the drives in the array, and even to upgrade the capacity or volume on-the-fly! Drobo devices are not just simple RAID configurations – they combine different levels of RAID technology. However, even Drobo may experience failure, and when this happens, you know whom to call – call SERT Data Recovery to secure the best possible results.

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SERT was formed to fill the gap in the availability of reliable, affordable, and friendly professional data recovery services.

After over 7 years in the business, SERT has been mentioned in numerous top ten lists of data recovery companies in the United States.

We appreciate the trust and investment our client's put into our engineers and company, and ultimately helping you get your data back!