SERT Data Recovery (SERT) has a no refund policy.

The only instance where a full or partial refund may be applicable is if SERT has collected a recovery fee and the data was not actually recovered or sent back to the client.

Refunds must be requested and processed with SERT and the applicable finance company before the recovered data has left the SERT Data Recovery recovery location. This includes the client physically taking possession of it, or it has been received by the mail service (FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, etc.) hired to deliver it.

SERT Data Recovery is not responsible for any loss due to negligence or untimely requests.

Evaluation & Other Fees

Evaluation Fees of any kind are not refundable at any time. These include but are not limited to: previously worked on devices, expedited or advanced level services, encrypted, and virtual environment scenarios .


If the recovered data returned to the client is not as described by the SERT Data Recovery representative, a return is possible if the client meets all requirements below.

  1. A return must be requested within 14 days of the actual delivery date of the data, and according to the privacy and payment agreement signed by the customer.
  2. The return request must be made by email or in writing within 14 days after receipt or delivery has been made.
  3. The original device that was recovered, and the recovery media the data was delivered on must be received by SERT within 30 days from the initial claim. (SERT and the finance company are not responsible whatsoever for any claims if the original device or data recovered has been altered in any way, or if both devices cannot be returned.)
  4. SERT shall have 30 days to return the data in the condition communicated to the client at the time of initial delivery, or provide an amicable resolution.

If SERT is unable to return the data as described, a partial or full refund may apply.

If financed all refunds shall be made through the finance company who processed the payment to SERT Data Recovery.


SERT is not responsible for mail service delays or failures.

If a return or refund is requested SERT and be notified of same within the 14 day period after the data has been received by the mail service.

If delivery failure occurs it must be verified in writing by the delivery service and a copy of the recovered data, comparable recovery media, and shipping shall be provided by SERT.

Shipping fees for refund requests not related to shipping shall be paid for by the client. If a refund is approved by SERT and the finance company, return shipping fees will be refunded to the client by SERT Data Recovery within 14 days of the resolution.

Making payments

If you financed your recovery, while you’re waiting for your refund, please continue to make any monthly payments that are due. This is a requirement of the company financing your purchase. SERT Data Recovery is not liable for any payments missed or late fees applicable where a refund is applicable.