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local data recovery services

Find out why SERT blows the Atlanta data recovery competition away, when it comes to affordability, recovery times, and retrieval success rates, by starting your free no obligation data recovery consultation now!

Data Recovery and Repair Services For:

• Broken Flash Drives
• Compact Flash Cards
• Broken Hard Drives
• Apple Computers

• SD/SDHC Cards
• Solid State Drives
• Cell Phones

Atlanta Data Recovery and Hard Drive Repair | Service Areas

If you are having problems with your hard drive, our Atlanta Data Recovery Services can help you get to the cause of the problem fast! We have helped clients all over U.S. and the world recover their data from all types of storage devices.

The engineers at SERT Data Recovery have over 20 years of experience diagnosing and recovering disks. If your data is retrievable, we can recover it quickly, regardless of the reason for your hard drive failure.

Top Data Recovery Services for Atlanta

SERT Data Recovery has one of the highest success rates in the industry for complete data recovery, and is rated one of the nation’s top data retrieval services, with experience recovering data from all manufacturer brands.

We offer free shipping to our secure data recovery lab, for all our clients in Atlanta Georgia, and a flat rate, up-front pricing structure that gives you the low-down on expenses for most data recovery cases.

HIPPA Certified to Protect Your Privacy

At SERT data recovery we take your privacy very seriously. That is why our HIPPA certified lab is under 24 hour surveillance, 7 days a week, and we also utilize the latest technology and follow strict guidelines to protect your data. You can rest easy, knowing that your sensitive data is treated with utmost care, and according to HIPPA regulations for keeping your privacy safe.

State of the Art Data Recovery Technology

Our data recovery team utilizes the latest technologies in our Class 100 ISO 5 Certified clean room to recover data quickly for our Atlanta Georgia clients, and our customer service department will keep you up to date, step by step, during each phase of your case.

Our 5 Step Data Recovery Process is quick, and will have you and your files reunited in no time.

  1. Mail in your device or devices: Atlanta Georgia clients qualify for a pre-paid mailing label.
  2. Device Evaluation: We perform an audible, visual, and mechanical inspection of the device, with documentation.
  3. Device Imaging: Your media is safely cloned at bit level to ensure 100% preservation of recoverable data.
  4. Status Report: Where the File/Folder tree is intact, it will be provided for verification and approval.
  5. Data Transfer: Your data is returned to you on the storage media of your choice.

Atlanta Data Recovery and Hard Drive Repair | Service Areas

RAID Array Data Recovery Atlanta Georgia

local raid recovery services

RAID status degraded! STOP! If you have RAID configured hard drives for data storage, and are unable to get to your data, Do Not run RAID recovery software, Do Not try to rebuild your RAID array, Do Not contact manufacturer support. You may do more harm to your RAID data than good.

Quickly shut everything down, and contact SERT RAID Data Recovery Services for Atlanta to get a cautious, intelligent examination of your system, to determine the extent of your problem.

SERT Data Recovery engineers are professionals at recovering data from all RAID configurations. Our expertise extends beyond data recovery software, and is not limited to manufacturer protocols, which can result in more data loss.

SERT RAID Data Recovery Services makes it easy for our Atlanta Georgia clients to quickly get their RAID data to our 100% safe, certified clean room, for professional hardware level data recovery.

Failure of one or more RAID Array Hard Drives can adversely affect the recovery of your data. However, at SERT Data Recovery, our engineers and technicians understand how all of the parts in your RAID Array work together, and depend on one another, guaranteeing you the highest level of success for recovering your data.

Atlanta Data Recovery and Hard Drive Repair | Service Areas

USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Services for Atlanta

local thumb drive repair services

Flash drives are a very reliable means of storing data. However, information on your USB thumb drive, or other flash media can still be lost, due to physical damage, data corruption, or to many erase/write cycles.

At SERT Data Recovery, our flash drive recovery engineers have spent years researching, and repairing damaged flash drives, and we have developed a comprehensive flash storage recovery service for your flash media.

We specialize in all flash media, such as Solid Sate Drives, SD/SDHC cards, Compact Flash Cards, Camera Cards, Pen Drives, USB Sticks, Monolithic Flash Drives, and more.   

Atlanta Georgia Apple Computer Services

Recover lost data from your Apple computer today! When you trust the experts at SERT Data Recovery Services, you will have all of your recoverable files back in no time, and stored on the media of your choice.

local apple drive data recovery

At SERT Data Recovery Services, we can retrieve lost data from your Mac computer, or any other Apple device quickly. Our technicians are experts in diagnosing and repairing all Apple computers and devices, and can do so without voiding your warranty.

Some of the Mac products we service for Atlanta are:

  • Macbook
  • iMac
  • Mac Mini
  • iPhone

  • Macbook Pro
  • Macbook Air
  • Time Machine
  • iPad

Let SERT Data Recovery help you with all of your Computer needs, and find out first hand why so many clients all over America, including Atlanta Georgia, give us rave data recovery reviews about our services.

When you need an expert, send it to SERT.