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Now you, your family, and business can take advantage of having one of the country’s most affordable, effective, and transparent advanced computer data recovery services right near the DMV office in Jasmine Plaza off Highway 200, in Ocala, FL!

SERT Data Recovery management loved Ocala so much, they decided to open a second recovery lab right here!

Local recovery services for hard drives, flash drives, servers, SANs, RAID arrays, NAS devices, SSD drives, compact flash drives, camera cards, at Florida’s #1 certified clean room.


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SERT Data Recovery has the experience and technology required to recover your “lost” files from even the most advanced level and damaged storage devices.

Ocala hard drive recovery lab

When your hard drive crashes you want to make sure you are dealing with a seasoned professional experienced in all aspects of hard disk data recovery, and hard drive repair.

You want to make sure only to trust your damaged, or dead hard drive, with a company that has a certified clean room on site.

We don’t have to send your drive anywhere. Our data recovery engineers are able to repair, and recover, any hdd problem you might encounter.

We specialize in recovering files from:

  • Clicking drives
  • Corrupt firmware
  • Damaged file system
  • Deleted files
  • Drives not spinning
  • Beeping hd problems
  • Dropped hard drives

Broken flash drive recovery specialists

If your flash drive doesn’t work anymore, if you’re getting a “not recognized” error we can help you get your data back. We specialize in broken flash drives and have flat rate prices.

Usually we can recover your files form a broken flash drive within 24-48hrs.

We also have the technology, to recover flash drives where the NANDs must be removed. This is called a “chip off” recovery.

This is where we reverse engineer the manufacturers read and writing process, by virtually bypassing the controller chip.

Flash drive data recovery is a daily habit for SERT engineers! Your data is not lost forever when your flash drive fails anymore.

Server and RAID array recovery

When it comes to multi drive NAS devices like Drobos, Synologys, and raid array configurations like RAID 1, RAID 0, RAID 5, RAID 50, and RAID 10 we’ve got you covered.

If your data is important, the best thing to do when your RAID goes offline is to turn everything off and give us a call.

Running check disk and recovery software on member drives of a RAID array can destroy the parity information and render the data unrecoverable.


Power down the drives and label them from the bays they are in, then make a couple of notes:

  • type of RAID controller
  • number of disks
  • container size
  • size of the drives
  • and interface (SATA, SCSI, SAS, etc).

External hard drive recovery service

SSD recovery company in Ocala

Recovery Lab
Opening Soon:
6108 SW Highway 200
Ocala, FL 34476