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SERT Data Recovery makes it easy for their clients in Denver to get expert and 100% safe clean room and hardware level data recovery services without having to wait for answers. We don’t beat around the bush and we don’t string you along to see how much money we can get for your recovery case. You can check our flat rate pricing here, where you can Data Recovery Denver Colorado | Service Areasexpect no hidden fees or charges, and when you speak to us you will see we are up front and honest.

We are confident in our 98% success rate as well as the level of customer service and expertise we have to offer you. You will become confident that if we can’t recover your data – No One Can! You can see the SERT guarantee right here.

How Our Hard Drive Data Recovery Works

We make it really simple for you to get started. Just tell us about your case here or call our recovery lab and speak to one of our specialists who will give you a free consultation the same day.

After we receive the facts about your case, we can get you settled with all the details of sending us your drive. Shipping us your drive is absolutely safe no matter if it’s a laptop, desktop, or external hard drive that has failed. We will send a shipping label to your mail and walk you through the process of how to pack your hard drive properly and safely.

USB Flash NAND Technology and Apple Recovery

SERT Data Recovery technicians spend a good amount of time recovering data from Apple hard drives our of Macbook Pro and iMac computers each week. Some Macbook Air models have SSD drives that use FLASH NAND storage technology. There are very few companies in the US that actually have the required technology to recover data from these kinds of drives.

This is also the same storage technology found in the USB thumb drives. We have the expertise required to remove the chips from the PCB as well as the device needed to read the chips in this form. This is a specialized process and a very tedious one. You can count on SERT to recover your data from those drives when they either don’t power up or are not recognized on the computer  no matter what operating system including Windows and Macintosh.

RAID Array Data Recovery

SERT Data Recovery specializes in recovering data from RAID arrays in just about any configuration and device. What ever your situation calls for, all you need to do is call for your FREE consultation with one of our specialists. Our techs are familiar with recovering Lacie and Drobo devices, while RAID 5, RAID 0, RAID 10, and RAID 1 are the most common arrays we help restore for our clients across the US.

A customer service professional will help walk you through the whole process from beginning to end to get your RAID case solved successfully and easily.

Denver Colorado Services

No need to try multiple data recovery companies only to find out that you need the help of denver colorado service mapa true professional. We provide services to business, government, residential, non profit, and educational entities within a 20 mile radius of 1393 Court Pl Denver, CO 80202 . If you are outside of this range please call us and we will try to get you a shipping label right away!
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