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SERT Data Recovery is a national leader in data recovery services with a lab right in your back yard in South Florida. This means if you are in Miami – Dade County, you don’t have to send your drive out of state to get the same expert level hard drive data recovery services from a qualified company.


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SERT has an onsite clean room lab where our engineers perform all  levels of data recoveries from RAID arrays to FLASH drives for Miami residents and businesses. You can be confident that now matter what your data loss situation is, SERT will get your data back for you: Safe and Sound.

SERT is also looking for local IT and computer repair service providers in Miami – Dade to partner with. If you have been in the computer business for more than two years ask us about our reseller program.

Miami IT and Computer Companies Trust Us To Recover Their Data

We work with all local computer repair services, including IT and Managed Service Providers developing partnerships all over the country. Most computer repair companies and MSP’s in Miami specialize in repairing different models of computers or setting up and data recovery in miami for IT professionalsmaintaining networks and security.

The problem is they are not properly setup for data recovery and are lacking the experience, and tools to provide effective successful data recovery from all types of hard drives and storage media.

This is where SERT excels and is able to partner up with your favorite computer and IT service provider to get your data back to you in one piece.

Data Recovery in Miami Florida | Service Areas

External Hard Drive Data Recovery

SERT Data Recovery understands the frequent mishaps that come along with using external hard drives for storage. Precious memories are often times stored on these devices, and yet they are so vulnerable to physical damage and data loss.

We always try to educate our clients in Miami after they visit us on how fragile these hard drives really are, and the cautions necessary to keep your data safe during storage.

Some of these cautions are:

  1. Make sure they are set and stored in a  stable manner to avoid tipping or falling
  2. Take extra precaution when transporting these devices to make sure they are not jolted or banged around
  3. Always make sure to use the power cable made and rated for the device
  4. Make sure not to store data on them more than 80% full

Following these easy guidelines can help keep you from having to visit our recovery lab, and help you save hundreds of dollars.

Miami USB and SSD Flash Drive Data Recovery

USB FLASH and SSD drives are becoming more and more popular as the size of the drives increase and the price decrease. These drives are also favorable for users on the go, as they have no moving parts and are less prone to internal physical damage causing data loss. FLASH technology isn’t perfect though and comes with it’s own set of issues to look out for.

Since it is a new technology there aren’t very many companies in the United States with the tools necessary to recover data when the controller chip has failed or the NAND memory chips are unreadable for other reasons. However SERT Data Recovery possesses proprietary technology that is fully capable of recovering data from USB and SSD FLASH storage.

Miami RAID Array Data Recovery

SERT Data Recovery technicians are able to recover lost data from any configuration of RAID that has failed. We have helped provide the necessary images to rebuild many of our clients businesses. RAID array recoveries can be very tricky and sometimes you only have one chance at it. Let SERT be your number one choice in Miami to help you rebuild your foundation.

Miami Mac Data Recovery

SERT Mac data recovery technicians are experienced with recovering data from all versions of OS X and even some of the flash modules that the Macbook Air uses. We are your one stop shop for Apple data recovery services.

Data Recovery Services in the Miami Florida area

SERT Data Recovery makes it easy to get data recovery in Southern Florida. We are able to provide map of miami for data recoveryservices to commercial and residential clients in a range of more than 30 miles of 1710 NW 20th St. Miami, FL 33142. We can provide free shipping for you to make it convenient 7 days a week. We are available 24/7 on email, and chat, and late hours 7 days via our toll free number.

map of miami hard drive recovery service areas**only applicable to drives that have not been previously worked on by another company in Miami or any other area.