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SERT Data Recovery is ready and able to make this process as painless as possible for you, and most importantly get your data back in one piece. Our specialists are trained in every aspect of recovery and have been returning data back to clients effectively for years.

We are used to dealing with all different types of Data Recovery NYC New York | Service Areasclients like residential, government, public services, police, DEA and FBI, small and medium business, corporations, education, students, and non profits when it comes to recovering data from laptop, desktop, RAID array, network, and even FLASH drives in NYC New York.

We make hard drive data recovery easy

There are a few different levels of recoveries, and you will no doubt find yourself on one of them after a quick evaluation, if you don’t already know.  We make this evaluation process easy by sending you a pre-paid shipping label so you can send your drive in without any hassle. As long as you follow the packing directions here, it will be as safe as if you hand delivered the drive yourself.

The different levels of hard drive recovery are as follows:

  • Logical: Drive is recognized by computer but cannot access data. Needs special imaging hardware, recovery tools, and software to recover data.
  • Firmware: Drive is not recognized by computer, possibly some clicking noises. Needs special imaging hardware, recovery tools, and software to recover data.
  • Hardware: Drive is making mechanical noises, or not powering on. 80% Needs Clean Room environment then special imaging hardware, recovery tools, and software to recover data.

No need to worry here, we are competent on all levels and we can get your data back to you the quickest and all for a flat rate on all successful recoveries.

SERT Data Recovery techs are trained to recover data from DELL, HP, ASUS, Apple Macintosh, Gateway, Sony, Toshiba, and many more.

RAID Recoveries are a SERT Specialty

SERT RAID recovery team regularly recovers data from all configurations of RAID array, however our most common is RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10. You can call us for a free consultation, and speak to one of our specialists who can help put you at ease while getting started. We will keep you informed and communicate with you throughout the whole process.

External USB Drive Data Recovery

External drives are one of the more popular cases we recover data from. We are able to recover data from just about any manufacturer you can think of including but no limited to Samsung Electronics, Seagate Technology, Western Digital, BUSlink, Diamond Multi-Media, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Hard Drives, Hitachi, HP, and IBM.

Most people think their data is safe on external storage devices as they have mad a back up, however these drives are just as fragile as any other and prone to bangs, drops, and being knocked over. When one of these drives has been dropped there is almost a 100% chance that a clean room recovery where the drive is opened up inside a dust free environment will be necessary.

The problem here is that most people go to their local computer repair company to try to recover the data, and the company who is inexperienced powers on the drive to attempt recovery only to see that it requires more than what they are able to provide. At this point the platter where the data is stored has made several thousand rotations and any physical damage has now been compounded making the success rate considerably lower.

SSD FLASH Technology & Recovery

The latest trend in technology is the solid state drives everyone is ranting and raving about. These drives are great for performance, and are commonly found in the Solid State form in Macbook Air models. The problem is that there are very few companies that have the technology to do Macintosh recovery, or any kind of recovery from this technology. SERT Data Recovery has cutting edge tools and the technical expertise that is required to accomplish the process for recovering data from SSD and FLASH drives and NAND flash memory chips.

OCZ Technology, Corsair, Imation, Crucial, Samsung, SanDisk, Intel, Toshiba, Micron are common SSD drives we recover data from. Aigo, Corsair Memory, Crucial Technology, Iball, Imation, IronKey, Kingston Technology, Konami, Lexar, Netac, OCZ, ORCHID, PNY, Quantum Corporation, Samsung, SanDisk, Seagate, Sony, Super Talent, Toshiba, Transcend, Umax, Verbatim flash storage media are among the flash storage media we are confident with.

NYC New York Services

Data Recovery NYC New York | Service Areas

SERT Data Recovery provides services for residential and commercial clients within a 40 miles radius of 275 Broadway New York, NY 10007 . For more information please call a SERT Representative who can help you get you started today!

Our newest New York data recovery location is in Buffalo, at 271 Kenmore Ave Buffalo, NY 14223‎. You can drop off your drive at our certified SERT Reseller Smart Druid.

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