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You can count on SERT Data Recovery when you need to get your data back in Houston. We make is easy for you to get your drives in the hands of a lab tech that is qualified and experienced in the more difficult levels of data recovery. Our specialties are clean room recovery, RAID array recoveries, and USB Flash drive data recovery. Hard Drive Data Recovery Houston Texas | Service AreasWe have the tools and the knowledge that makes it possible to get your data back in the most difficult conditions, including firmware and service area related problems. You can also see if your recovery case qualifies for our special flat rate pricing right here.

USB Flash Drives

Most common mistake is banging the thumb drive when it’s plugged in to the computer. This results in breaking the connector from the PCB board making the process of getting the data off a very dangerous one. Usually the PCB is burnt or the NAND chips themselves are fried by the hands of inexperienced “data recovery techs”, leaving the data permanently destroyed.

SERT techs don’t struggle with the normal difficulties that other companies face, we can get your data off, and returned to you quickly and safely. There are very few companies that are qualified to do Flash drive (NAND data storage) data recovery. For SERT it is a specialty and quite simple as we have proprietary technology that is able to pull data off the storage ship itself without the need for it to be connected to the PCB and controller chip.  This is called Chip-Off recovery.

We make is Easy For Our Clients!

We make it really easy for you to send us your drive safely and securely, by calling us or filling out  this mail in form here, we will show you how to pack your drive and then also qualify you for a FREE shipping label.

Desktop, Laptop, and External Hard Drives

SERT technicians are well versed in just about every make and model of hard drive no matter what size, shape, and data transfer technology there is. SCSI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Sata, IDE, Firewire are some of the interfaces we deal with on a weekly basis. Even though some of these makers have their own issues and design faults, we are very successful recovering data from Maxtor, Western Digital, Seagate, Fujitsu, Apple, Toshiba, and Samsung hard drives, just to name a few.

RAID Array and Network Storage

SERT technicians are CISCO and Microsoft certified technicians and have helped many businesses and home network aficionados get their RAID systems back up and running, saving many from imminent disaster. Most of the time our clients try to recover and rebuild their RAID arrays themselves only to find out they made it worse, and usually get a good scare in the process.

Our RAID array Drobo, NAS, and Lacie recovery prices are very competitive but our customer service is out matched, you will find that out quickly as our customer service team keeps you informed through out the whole process.

Mac Data Recovery when Apple Won’t – Can’t

You don’t have to get upset when Apple tells you that they won’t help you get your data off your failed hard drive before they replace it. We hear it all the time, and that means that we help Apple users get their data back all the time. It doesn’t matter what version of OS X you were running or are upgrading to, we can recover your data and put it on an external drive for you so you can easily transfer it to your new hard drive.

Our Houston Service Area

houston texas service mapOur mail in data recovery services are available for residents and businesses located within a 30 mile radius of 900 Texas St Houston, TX 77002 . If you live or work outside of this range , please call and speak with one of our representatives who can try to help you find a UPS or FedEx location that we ship through.

Affordable – Extremely Knowledgeable
December 2, 2013 by Shawn Redmond – Real Estate Broker – Houston, Texas

SERT Data Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery Houston Texas | Service Areas “Being able to send my drive out to a reputable company was such a relief. SERT data is a top notch group of techs who really know what they are doing. All the local techs I talked to seemed inexperienced and I needed my data back. SERT got the job done!”