How To Safely Pack Hard Drives For Shipping



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If you have not downloaded and approved your privacy
form please do that now by clicking here. Approve this and include it in your box please.


USB Flash Drives and SSD Drives

Wrap your flash drive and it’s pieces in a couple layers of bubble wrap to secure it. Wrapping it in bubble wrap will keep it from potential further damage and sliding around inside the box. Padded envelopes are not adequate, and may not provide enough protection for the circuit board or memory chips during shipping.


Internal and External Hard Drives From a Laptop, Desktop, RAID device

1. Please place your hard drive in an anti-static bag. if you do not have anti static bags please move on to step 2 and wrap each drive individually with a few layers of bubble wrap.

2. Please wrap your drive in a few layers of bubble wrap. If there are multiple drives please wrap them each individually. Please do not use foam or popcorn to pack the drive, as this will cause static problems.

3. Place drive(s) now inside anti-static bag and wrapped in bubble wrap, in the prepaid box (if you are paying for shipping, an appropriately sized box). Choose a box that is in good shape, and fits the size of the drive(s) leaving a few inches of space on all sides. Make sure the drive is secure inside the box (not moving or shaking loosely inside box). Put more bubble wrap or crumbled paper around the drive as necessary to stop it from moving around.

4. Next, place one copy of your approved commitment/privacy form (download it again here) inside the box along with the hard drive(s), tape the box up securely and attach the mailing label to the outside of the box.

5. Drop your box off at a local shipping facility. We regularly use USPS flat rate priority boxes for our shipping, however if you need to use a different carrier you can use the links below to find one closest to you.

  • Find FedEx location near you here.
  • Find UPS location near you here.

Of course if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call and speak to a data recovery specialist who can walk you through the process.

*** We are not responsible for the condition of your drive when we receive it in the mail. Please make sure to package it appropriately as described above for the best results.