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USB Flash Drives – RAID Arrays – SSD’s – Hard Drives – Camera Cards
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    Out entire quote & mail in process is automated for your convenience and speed.

    • First complete the form above.
    • You will receive and flat rate quote based on the information you provided.
    • Click the blue “send shipping label” button located underneath the Price in the the email you just received.
    • Watch your email closely for the series of emails you will get to move forward.
  • Pack & Ship To Our Lab

    * Once you complete the form with your shipping address after clicking the blue button, you will receive a series of emails to continue:

    • Your privacy form and a pre-paid FED EX label
    • Your support ticket creation confirmation and invitation
    • Directions for submitting support questions via our portal
    • Directions on how to safely pack your device
  • We will handle the rest

    • Once we receive your package we will notify you
    • Any evaluation fees will be paid before it’s looked at
    • We will evaluate & attempt recovery of your device
    • We will notify you of evaluation and recovery attempts
    • Full payment is required before we send recovered data

Please read all the emails you receive, as our quote and shipping label process is automated through email.