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How SSD Data Recovery Works

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Solid State Drive Data Recovery

What kind of SSD Recovery do you need?

Solid state drives are convenient and fast, but when they crash, or become unrecognized you have a major problem only the pros can get you out of.

The good thing is, solid state recovery technology has come a long way. SERT’s SSD recovery service uses advanced, industry leading equipment, and has the experience to recover your files quickly and securely.

You can now recover files from SSD drives with SATA, PATA, mSATA, and M.2 (NGFF) interfaces, without risking damaging your drive.

SERT has effectively recovered data from SSD drives with capacities from 64G to 1TB, so there are no limitations when you deal with the best in the business.

SSD Data Recovery and Flash Storage

Since SSD recovery technology has progressed so rapidly, our engineers don’t have to remove the NANDs from the circuit boards. This was the most unreliable, difficult, and time consuming way to recover data from SSD drives. solid-state-drive-data-recovery

There is no need to remove these types of chips any longer s BGA NAND chips, all TSOP-48 NAND Chips, as well as LGA-52 and PIN MAP.

As developments in SSD recovery continue, SERT stands at the front of the pack. SERT’s SSD data recovery technology is able to recover your data preserving the integrity of your device, as well as your important files.

Deal with leaders in the data recovery industry who specialize in NAND flash data recovery, call us today!

Solid State Drive data recovery compatibility list:

Because our SSD data recovery tools are continually updating, this list is subject to change. If you do not see your drive listed below call us, or fill out a quote request, to see if your particular drive is currently compatible.

      • OCZ SSD: Vertex, Vertex Turbo, Vertex Plus, Vertex Ex, Solid 2, Agility, Agility Ex
      • Corsair SSD: Extreme, Nova
      • RunCore SSD : Pro IV
      • A-DATA SSD: Nobility, 500 series
      • G.Skill SSD: Falcon
      • Crucial SSD: M225, M4, C300, C400, M500, C300, C400
      • Plextor SSD: M3, M5, M5 Pro
      • Intel SSD: X25-M (Gen.2), X25-V (Gen.2), X-18 (G2), 320 series, 510 Series, 710 Series
      • Samsung SSD: PM 410, PM 800, MLC Series, 470 series, 830 series, P830 series mini, 840 series, 840 Pro Series
      • Seagate SSD: Series 600, Series 600 Pro, Series 600 Enterprise
      • Kingston SSD: V100
      • Sandisk SSD Plus (SM2246XT)

    Other Solid State Drive Recovery Compatibility

    • Crucial BX100
    • Plextor M6V
    • AMD Radeon R3 (SM2256K)
    • PNY CS1111
    • ADATA SP550
    • Lite On LCH-256V2S-11
    • RevuAhn 850X
    • RevuAhn 850X
    • RevuAhn 900T PRO
    • Corsair Force LX
    • ADATA SU800 (SM2258H / SM2258G)
    • Plextor S2C
    • Trancsend TS256GSSD360S (P3XV60 =SM2246XT)
    • CFast Lexar Professional 3400
    • KingSpec PA25 (SM2236G)
    • Radeon R5 AS2258 (PS3111)
    • AMD Radeon R5
    • Qumo Novation 3D (AS2258)
    • Crucial V4
    • Corsair Nova
    • Corsair Force LS
    • Kingston SMSM15S3
    • Patriot Blaze
    • Patriot Blast
    • Silicon Power Slim S55
    • Smartbuy Ignition 2
    • Smartbuy S9M
    • Smartbuy Revival
    • Smartbuy Firestone
    • Smartbuy Ignition 4
    • Patriot Blast
    • Kingston SSDNow UV300
    • Kingston SSDNow KC400
    • Kingston HyperX Savage
    • GoodRam CX100
    • Smartbuy Revival 2
    • Patriot Spark
    • Kingston A400
    • GOODRAM CX300
    • GOODRAM S400U
    • Silicon Power Slim S55 (PS3111)
    • Lite-On MU3
    • Silicon Power Slim S60
    • GOODRAM S400U
    • Smartbuy S11T
    • OCZ (Toshiba) Trion 100
    • OCZ (Toshiba) Trion 150
    • Toshiba Q300
    • QUMO Novation 3D
    • Seagate Fast SSD
    • Seagate One Touch SSD
    • Crucial M4
    • Crucial C300
    • Crucial C400
    • Crucial M500
    • Micron C400
    • Micron C300
    • Intel 510 Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
    • Plextor M3 Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
    • Plextor M3 Pro Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
    • Plextor M5S Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
    • Plextor M5 Pro Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
    • Plextor M5 Pro Extreme Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
    • Crucial M550 Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
    • Crucial MX100 Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
    • Crucial MX200 Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
    • WD Blue (Full support! For Marvell 88SS1074 Terminal 3 is required!)
    • Sandisk X300 Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
    • Sandisk Ultra II (Full support! For Marvell 88SS1074 Terminal 3 is required!)
    • Sandisk SSD Plus (88SS1074 MOD) (Full support! For Marvell 88SS1074 Terminal 3 is required!)
    • Sandisk Ultra Plus Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
    • Sandisk Genesis Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
    • Sandisk Vulcan Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
    • Sandisk X110 (M.2 2260) Partial support! (except BSY state drives!)
    • Samsung MLC (S3C29RBB01-YK40 CPU based)
    • Samsung 470 Including Apple models (S3C29MAX01-Y340 CPU based)
    • Samsung PM810 (mSATA version of 470) (S3C29MAX01-Y340 CPU based)
    • Samsung 830 Including Apple models (S4LJ204X01-Y040 CPU based)
    • Samsung PM830 (S4LJ204X01-Y040 CPU based)
    • Samsung 840 (S4LN021X01-8030 CPU based)
    • Samsung PM840 (S4LN021X01-8030 CPU based)
    • Samsung PM841 (S4LN021X01-8030 CPU based)
    • Samsung 840 Pro (S4LN021X01-8030 CPU based)
    • Samsung 840 Evo (Including mSATA) (S4LN045X01-8030 CPU based)
    • Samsung PM851 (Including mSATA) (S4LN045X01-8030 CPU based)
    • Samsung CM871 (S4LN054X02-Y030 CPU based)
    • Samsung 850 Pro (S4LN045X01-8030 CPU based)
    • OCZ Vertex 1
    • OCZ Solid 2 series
    • Crucial M225
    • Corsair Extreme series
    • OCZ ARC 100
    • OCZ Vector
    • OCZ Vector 150
    • OCZ Vector 180
    • OCZ Vertex 450
    • OCZ Vertex 460
    • OCZ Vertex 460A
    • OCZ Vector 480
    • AMD Radeon R7
    • Intel X18
    • Intel X25
    • Intel 3200

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    SSD Data Recovery Technology

    Having the latest data recovery Solid State Drive recovery technology allows our engineers to perform tasks such as:

    • Restore and verify the information in the SSD’s service area
    • Read and write SSD’s ROM content
    • Access the drive’s RAM to load microcode
    • Get access to data by emulating the translator operation
    • View and reset the password earlier set on an SSD
    • Prevent data damage by turning off background processes
    • Gain direct access to memory chips content
    • Change identification and configuration parameters
    • Reset S.M.A.R.T. parameters and logs
    • Search and locate damaged memory chips

    Multi Controller SSD Recovery

    Some SSD file recovery cases involve new XOR algorithms, which are used by the latest flash controllers included in Toshiba drives.

    These cases require advanced SSD data recovery techniques. Intel, Samsung, Jmicron or Indilinx, Corsair or Kingmax all use controllers in their products that we are able to recover.

    solidstate-nand-chipoff-recoveryWhether your SSD has 2,4,8,16,32 or more chips, SERT has the ability to successfully and safely recover your files.

    SSD Data Recovery Cost – What to expect

    SSD data recovery services range across the board from expensive to very expensive. SERT provides flat rates for these types of recoveries including FREE shipping and FREE evaluation. If we don’t recover your data you don’t pay any recovery fees.

    National Solid State Drive Recovery services

    As a growing national solid state drive data recovery service we have had experience providing SSD data recovery services to almost the entire United States as well as other countries. Here is a list of SSD recovery locations where we have successfully recovered data of all types for our clients. We are currently interested in opening up a SSD data recovery service locations for future convenience: Albuquerque, New Mexico; Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas; Baltimore, Maryland; Boston, Massachusetts; Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; Cleveland, Ohio; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Columbus, Ohio; Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Detroit, Michigan; El Paso, Texas; Fort Hood, Texas; Fort Worth, Texas; Fresno, California; Georgetown, Texas; Hampton, Virginia; Honolulu, Hawaii; Houston, Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana; Jacksonville, Florida; Kansas City, Kansas; Kansas City, Missouri; Killeen, Texas; Lakewood, Colorado; Las Vegas, Nevada; Long Beach, California; Los Angeles, California; Memphis, Tennessee; Mesa, Arizona; Miami, Florida; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Nashville, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana; New York, New York; Oakland, California; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Omaha, Nebraska; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona; Portland, Oregon; Round Rock, Texas; Sacramento, California; San Antonio, Texas; San Diego, California; San Francisco, California; San Jose, California; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Seattle, Washington; Temple, Texas; Tucson, Arizona; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Vancouver, Washington; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Washington, DC.; Boulder, Colorado; Fort Collins-Loveland, Colorado; San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, California; Cambridge-Newton-Framingham, Massachusetts; Arlington, Texas; Alexandria, Virginia; Cheyenne, Wyoming; Salt Lake City, Utah; Corvallis, Oregon; Raleigh-Cary, North Carolina; Huntsville, Alabama; Provo-Orem, Utah; Bend, Oregon; Missoula, Montana; Grand Junction, Colorado; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Bethesda, Maryland; Frederick,Maryland; Rockville, Maryland; Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Beaverton, Oregon; Wilmington, Delaware; Ames, Iowa; Alabama; Arkansas; Connecticut; Delaware; Idaho; Kentucky; Maine; Mississippi; North Dakota; New Hampshire; New Jersey; Rhode Island; South Carolina. If you are interested in becoming a reseller in one of these areas, or if you are in another are not listed here please contact us for more information regarding our reseller program.

Fast Turn Around

Get your data back quickly!

We have a 2-5 Business day evaluation process. Most cases are recovered within that time frame. If you need to rush the recovery, we have an expedited evaluation process available for an extra fee.

Lowest Prices Available

Save up to 40-60%.

Our prices are lower than comparable companies out there. There are less than 300 real data recovery firms in the US. Our prices are usually 40-60% less than our competition.

No Risk

Risk Nothing!

We invest in your recovery along side of you. You do not pay the recovery fee unless we recover your data and it works! There is no risk to you, it’s all on us!