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Your Maxtor drive has failed, you need your data off, who can you call?  SERT professional data recovery company specializes with recovering data from Maxtor hard drives, and WILL get your data back for you!

We’ve proven ourselves time and time again, and can put our money where our mouth is with our flat rates, free shipping, and a no data no pay policy.


Why Maxtor hard drives fail ?

Even though Maxtor manufactures exceptionally good drives, like all other hard drives, they are susceptible to failures. In many cases the failures are attributed to read/write problems, firmware upgrade problems or just service area corruption problems.

Sometimes it is overheating that is to be blamed for the problems. Other times it’s firmware or bad sectors, or even an unexpected fall.

If you hear a clicking noise or don’t see your drive in device manager, chances are the drive has some serious issues. The good news is SERT hard drive recovery service can repair hard drive failures in any of these situations as long as the platters are not damaged.

Maxtor Disk Repair | Hard Drive Data Recovery | SERT HD Recovery Services

Common symptoms of Maxtor hard drives failure

1. Firmware Problems:

This is a commonly encountered problem. Contrary to what most people think, the firmware of a Maxtor drive is not located on the PCB – it is actually stored in the System Area on the platter. The System Area contains a number of firmware modules and usually sits in the negative cylinders on the inner diameter. Such problems usually carry the codes Calypso, Grizzly, Sabre and N40P.

The usual messages you get could be any one of: “Disk Boot Failure”, “Primary Master Hard Disk Fail”, “No Operating System Found” and “S.M.A.R.T Capable But Command Failed” etc.

2. Bearings Failures:

This is also a commonly encountered problem. In this case, the spindle malfunctions and you get to hear and unnatural cell phone type of melody. This is also referred to as the musical data recovery problem.

3. PCB Problems:

If your Maxtor hard drives experiences power surges or overheating, the circuit board could stop functioning properly. A faulty power supply unit could also burn the spindle motor controller chip. Under such conditions, you would notice acrid smoke coming from your PC and the drive would simply refuse to spin up.

4. Clicking Or Beeping Sound:

If your Maxtor drive has bad heads, you’ll hear unnatural clicking, beeping or knocking sounds. However, if you hear a scratching sound or very loud clicking, chances are you have a bad sector.

What to do if your Maxtor drive fails?

Maxtor hard drives are complicated instruments. You can do your bit by maintaining them properly and handling them with care. But, if a Maxtor drive shows any of the symptoms mentioned above, you should fill out our free quote form to get free quote on Maxtor drive data recovery from your faulty HDD.

You could also call us for immediate hard drive data recovery assistance. If you wish to send over your hard drive for immediate professional evaluation, you could just ship it to us or drop it off at one of our service centers.

Our flat rate recover services are the best value for your money and you get the reliability factor that comes with a reputable name.

Is it true that Maxtor was bought  by Seagate?

Maxtor drives are still in circulation, however are no longer being produced. Maxtor was bought out by Seagate many years ago. We are still able to recover data from their drives no matter what the condition and situation might be.

Maxtor Disk Repair | Hard Drive Data Recovery | SERT HD Recovery Services

How To Prevent Maxtor Hard Drive Problems?

You need to understand that your Maxtor drive is a delicate piece of instrument and needs to be handled very carefully. Since, many Maxtor hard drive problems are associated with overheating of the hard drive components, you might want to keep the surrounding temperatures as low as possible.

Using the hard drives continuously over an extended period of time could also cause rise in temperature levels. The truth is, most hard drives fail because of improper operating conditions – not manufacturing defects; so, a little bit of care and maintenance (not ignoring small problems) is going to keep the performance of your Maxtor hard drives intact.

What Not To Do?

Caution: If you are not qualified to service or repair a Maxtor hard drive, don’t make a lab rat out of your Maxtor hard drives – these are precision instruments and even the smallest of mistakes could lead to complete product failure.

Don’t try the following:

  • Hard drives are sensitive to electrostatic discharges. Don’t expose them to electrostatic charges.
  • Don’t let your faulty hard drive reach temperatures above room temperature.
  • Don’t store your hard drive on anything but grounded, padded and antistatic surface.
  • Don’t remove the factory installed drive labels.

How we can help you with your Maxtor data recovery?

We use proprietary technologies and state-of-the-art data recovery tools that are capable of recovering data from bad sectors ignoring checksum checks. To us, your data recovery means your business recovery and we take that very seriously.

How To Get Service

For immediate assistance, you could call us. If you wish to get a free quote, just fill out the contact form and hit send – our Maxtor data recovery team is going to get in touch with you ASAP. You could also send over your hard drive to any one of our service centers for a fast and complete Maxtor data recovery evaluation.

Have Drives Made by other Manufacturers?

Maxtor Disk Repair | Hard Drive Data Recovery | SERT HD Recovery Services

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